What is the best credit card machine for small business?

Credit and debit cards have overtaken cash as the preferred payment method in the world, and all signs point to the arrival of a completely cashless society. If your business still doesn’t accept cards, you lose out to the 56% of small businesses that do. But if this is your first time selecting a credit card machine provider (PDQ), which one should you buy? What features do you need and which ones would increase costs? With so many products on the market, how do you pick the right one for your unique business without hours of research? Before going into the details, check out this link first if you are looking for a reliable invoice generator for your business. 

This is where we can help. We have compiled research on the top UK card machine suppliers and the types of companies they work best for. Our 15 years of expertise allows us to put you in touch with the best supplier for the size, budget and scalability goals of your business. In this article, we share with you our top picks for UK credit card distributors and how they can benefit your small business. What are the different types available? How much do they cost and, most importantly, how can they benefit your business? We will take a look.

IZettle has shaken up the mobile payments industry in recent years. Its distinctive iZettle Reader is a cost-effective card processing solution designed specifically for small businesses. Costing just £29 (+ VAT), it connects with the iZettle App to allow businesses to take payments via a smartphone or tablet. The main features is

  • Accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards

  • No monthly fee. Repeat: there are no monthly fees

  • Battery life — up to 8 hours

  • Card reader costs £59, but it’s more or less constantly discounted to £29

  • PCI and EMV compliant

The iCT220 from Inge Nico is a great example of an all-around countertop card terminal. It’s practically indestructible by PDQ machine standards. With crystal-clear backlit display and jumbo, finger-friendly keys the ICT220 allow you to easily enter payment details even in low-light conditions.

And as a tasty bonus it comes with a speedy built-in receipt printer. Multi-merchant capability. It has main features such as Accept smartphone payments, Swipe function, Ethernet connection available, Backlit keypad, large buttons, Built-in receipt printer, PCI and EMV compliant.


PayPal Here is a mobile card reader that integrates seamlessly with your PayPal account. By doing this, it allows merchants access to funds from card payments just seconds after approval. The PayPal Here falls behind the iZettle Reader and the Sum up Air because of its slightly higher price (£54). But other than that, there’s not much to pick between the three. Integrates with your PayPal account some main features is

  • Gives access to funds from a transaction just seconds after approval

  • Compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • No fixed monthly costs

  • No fixed term contract

  • PCI compliant

N-Genius Payment Device

N-Genius Payment Device

The N Genius payment device will complement any business environment with its large, simple, intuitive touch screen user interface and updated sleek design the device will offer an enriched experience for all user to enjoy.

Its main features is

  • Easily for used

  • Plug and play set up lets you accept payments in minutes

  • Accept all major cards, including visa, master card and mercury schemes.

  • Accepts contactless and mobile wallet solutions like apple pay, Samsung pay and ALi pay.