What Is The Cheapest Way To Buy Cryptocurrency?


Amid the increased popularity of crypto trading and investment, many new crypto platforms have emerged on the Internet. It might be challenging for a beginner user to pick one credible cryptocurrency exchange among all services existing in the market. This article will help you find a cheap way to buy crypto.

Here are things to consider when picking a cryptocurrency exchange platform:

  • Security and mechanisms against fraud.
  • Method of buying crypto. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow buying crypto with fiat for registered users.
  • The number of crypto assets supported.
  • Trading tools (it may be staking, leverage, margin, futures, p2p, spot, etc.).
  • Fee policy.
  • User experience.

Analyzing cryptocurrency exchanges, we picked a few credible services on the crypto market:

  • Binance
  • WhiteBIT
  • FTX
  • KuCoin.

The WhiteBIT platform is a cheap way to buy crypto compared with other exchanges.

WhiteBIT Features

The exchange offers over 400 crypto pairs and the possibility to trade with fiat currencies. Registered and verified users can deposit and withdraw funds to their bank cards.

The cryptocurrency exchange is user-friendly and has a convenient interface that can be customized to a user’s liking.

The platform charges an average fee of 0,10% for all operations regardless of the transaction amount. It is why WhiteBIT stands out above other crypto exchanges.

WhiteBIT offers margin trading, futures derivatives, leverage, spot markets, p2p exchange, swap, affiliate programs, codes, etc.

96% of users’ funds are stored offline on cold wallets, and only 4% are in circulation. The exchange is focused on providing maximum security for its clients. Besides, users can set two-factor authentication to protect their accounts from third parties.

WhiteBIT has an Insurance Fund raised from user fees, which ensures client investment protection.

Besides, the platform provides demo trading where users can practice trading using different strategies without fear of losing funds.

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