What is uttering forgery and its punishment & bail conditions


Uttering forgery is considered as a minimal crime, but sometimes, it crosses the severity of robbery or extortion. Forgery cases start from forging a signature to get a job done to stealing someone’s life long achievement. It can be money, fame, medals, certificates, or something that has artistic values.

If someone presents forged, altered paper, it is considered felony crime which can ensure the criminals’ imprisonment. If you work for a company that is convicted for forgery, you can also get sentenced. So, be sure who you are working for. 

Let us discuss what is uttering forgery, examples, types, punishments and bail conditions briefly-

What is uttering forgery?

It is a crime that shows the manipulation of information and then submitting to the other party with the intention of fraud. In most cases, the suspected party claims that they did not know about the forgery, which is a very common defence.

Nowadays uttering is a crying issue, especially for big companies in society. A document presentation is called uttering if it fulfils 3 main conditions. They are-

  1. The suspect has to present the document to another person
  2. They must know the fact that he/ she is presenting the documents with false and forged information
  3. They had the intent not to get caught and wanted to convince the other party about the false information. For example, if the girl who is underage for marriage can submit their ID with a correction of age. Especially their parents can do that. For that, forging personal documents falls under this law.

The punishment of uttering a forgery

There are many examples of forgery, such as faking information in the ID card, forging someone’s signature and bank details, etc. Some other types of fraud are art, literary & music forgery, archaeological forgery, documents forgery, counterfeiting and propaganda spreading etc.

There are variations in punishments considering the value of the forgery the victim had to tolerate.

  1. If the forgery is worth less than 1000 dollars, then it is considered misdemeanour forgery. Its punishment is 1 year of imprisonment or fine of 1000 dollars or both.
  2. If the forgery is worth $1000 or less than 2500 dollars, it is considered as felony forgery. Its punishment is maximum up to 2 years of imprisonment or fine of 1000 dollars or both.
  3. If the forgery value is $2500 or less than 15000 dollars, it is considered as felony forgery in which punishment is up to 5 years of imprisonment or fine of 1000 dollars or both.
  4. If the value of forgery is 15000 dollars or more., it is again considered as felony forgery. The punishment is up to 8 years of imprisonment or fine of &1000 dollars or both.

Whatever the forgery is, the jail time will be set by the severity of the crime, which is up to the judge’s consideration.

How to beat uttering forgery charge in court?

Uttering forgery offence are often critical if it is proven. But there are loopholes to save the suspects because it all depends on documentary evidence. A great and experienced criminal attorney will know how to prove that document ambiguous. 

To save you from that, you need to hire a criminal lawyer. They will set defence to undertake your offence or manage you to get bail. Some common sense you may create is-

  • You did not know that these documents were forged while submitting.
  • On behalf of you, someone else was handling the forgery, and you had no idea.
  • The documents that are submitted against you are false and sent to trap or defame you.

These are some lawyer tricks to save you, but we do not encourage you to jump on committing a crime.

Bail conditions for undertaking forgery cases

There are some minimum courteous conditions a bail applicant must follow-

  • The accused suspect should not harass the witnesses
  • Accused should respect the rules of the court and appear regularly during every hearing
  • The suspect should cooperate with the investigation and investigating officers
  • The suspect must not leave the state or the country without the permission of the court etc.


Under Criminal law, if the forgery is proven, fine or imprisonment or both is waiting for you. Our suggestion will be to hire a good land dedicated criminal lawyer, don’t spare any details to him. It is said “do not hide anything to your doctor and lawyer”, and if you are innocent or lucky, you can save your reputation and get out of the allegations.

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