What Is Vinyl Flooring And What Are Its Features?


The product made up of different types of material that are stuck together to form a highly practical, affordable and durable floor covering is known as Clearance vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring looks so authentic that sometimes people confuse it with laminate flooring. It is made out of synthetic fibreglass, plasticizer, and PVC Vinyl materials.

Vinyl Flooring is also a good option that keeps your floor durable and gives an attractive look.

There are two kinds of Vinyl flooring available in the market: Panel flooring and Sheet Vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring gives the floor an exclusive look when it comes to luxury. Due to some of the unique features, home Vinyl flooring is in high demand. In this article, we will discuss the features of Clearance Vinyl Flooring. And we will also connect you to the experts in Designer Floors where you can ask for professional help in improving your ordinary concrete floor.

Features Of Clearance Vinyl Flooring

1. Cost-Effective

When it comes to renovating a place or redesigning your home, everyone wants to get the best glance with fewer expenses. Vinyl flooring comes with this option as it is very low in cost compared to any other kind of flooring, That also provides an attractive look to the floor.

2. Installation Is Very Easy

In the world of advancement, everyone wants to get their work done easily. Vinyl flooring is easy to install as it comes with various options, such as Panel flooring, which uses interlocking facilities and Sheet flooring, which does not require to be stapled or glued. It can be installed over Plywood, Concrete or Hardwood.

3. Different Options Of Designs

When it comes to wooden flooring, you can only get a limited variety of options. However, in the case of Vinyl flooring, you will be getting a wide variety of options. Vinyl flooring comes with an option of Ceramic tiles, different style of stones, and a variety of Bamboo and wood. It also gives an option of different colours like Brown, White, Black and much more.

4. Comfortability

When it comes to home, everyone wants to be comfortable when walking around their home. Not every kind of flooring gives you this type of comfort, but you can be assured of comfortability with Vinyl flooring. In the winter season, you can walk around your home barefoot. It also provides comfort to small infants as they can prevent fall while walking.

5. Stains Resistance

When installing some kind of flooring, everyone fears that it might get scratched by pets or may even get damaged by water. Vinyl flooring comes with the feature of scratch resistance, and also it does not hold any stains when cleaned. Sometimes with a thicker level of Vinyl flooring, you also get the facility of total water resistance.

6. Environment Friendly

As we move towards the future, everyone is worried about their environment. Environment-friendliness is a special feature of Vinyl flooring that does not contain any Phthalate or other Bacteria, which is harmful to the environment. Vinyl flooring has also earned an A+ rating on the VOC test.

7. Durability

Overall durability is the best feature among all the features of Vinyl flooring. It can be applied in commercial places or places of home like kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

The Bottom Line

With the feature of luxurious designs at an affordable price, Vinyl flooring is best suitable for everyone looking for good flooring options. We hope that the features mentioned above will help you out with a selection of the best Vinyl flooring for your home.



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