Most motorcycle accidents result in injury or death because the rider has little protection. Tragically, many collisions happen because a driver didn’t see a motorcyclist, because of a dangerous road condition, or for other causes that weren’t the biker’s fault.

You might suddenly lose your bike, health, job, and, in extreme circumstances, your life. If someone else’s carelessness led to your collision, you don’t have to deal with the fallout alone. You are deserving of justice as well as restitution to help you heal. But treating your motorcycle accident like any other car accident would be a mistake. Motorcycle accident claims are more complicated than claims involving passenger vehicle accidents for a few reasons in particular:

Understanding the riders’ point of view and establishing the fault

The fact that not everyone is familiar with riding a motorcycle and has never been in the position of the rider presents another special issue in motorcycle accident cases. It’s common to provide details on motorcycle operations, collisions, and biker behavior to prove carelessness. A skilled Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorney can be crucial in developing a compelling case and outlining what happens to a jury if a case goes to trial.


Insurance agents and juries frequently have unjustified and unfounded prejudices against motorcycle riders, another problem motorcycle crash victims must face. When negotiating or litigating for compensation for another party’s negligence, it might be challenging to obtain a fair deal because of how movies, TV, and other media portray bikers. A common misconception about motorcycle riders who file injury claims is that they are careless thrill-seekers.

A motorcycle accident attorney can put up much effort to debunk such incorrect assumptions and show how the other party’s negligence was the primary cause of the collision. Holding motorcycle riders solely responsible for their choice to ride is unfair.

Catastrophic injuries put a heavy financial burden on victims.

Motorcycle accident victims face several difficulties, including the serious and frequently catastrophic injuries they incur in collisions. Even the best protective equipment might not be sufficient to prevent serious and life-changing injuries, and sufferers could face exorbitant medical costs, lost pay from extended absences from work, or become disabled and unable to work. Compared to victims of typical auto accidents, these financial difficulties may be much more severe.

Insurance firm conflicts

Insurance firms do not want to give you fair payouts; they want to profit. Adjusters are educated to compromise on claims or outright reject them to safeguard the financial line of the business. An insurer might use the following argument to try to undervalue your claim:

  • ‘’The evidence is insufficient.” The proof is required for each motorcycle accident claim. The insurance provider may claim you didn’t give sufficient evidence to establish the at-fault party’s liability for the accident.
  • “You did not receive prompt medical care.” Not all wounds manifest straight away. If you put off getting medical help, the insurance company can claim that you made your condition worse by waiting or that something else—not the collision—was to blame for your motorcycle accident injuries.

These shady tactics may result in motorcycle riders’ claims being significantly discounted following a collision.

Final thoughts

Engaging a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you deal with the challenges of motorcycle accidents.

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