What Should A Hunting Plan Include? Important Safety Information

A hunting plan requires much research and scouting, and you should have one for every hunting trip to ensure your safety. Much information goes into it, including your hunting spot, contact, hunting partner, different time schedules, and hunting duration.

Moreover, it is advisable to leave the hunting plan with another person to help get you home if there are emergencies. Read on to find out what should a hunting plan include. Meanwhile, if you or your loved ones suffer from car injury, seek medical treatment from none other than the best New York car accident injury clinic.

What Should Your Hunt Plan Include?

Your hunt plan should have something about you and your hunting trip. This would help one find you easily in case of emergencies. I believe you understand that this plan does not concern your rifle or the best surefire flashlight you plan to use at night or other hunting gear. Instead, here are the things required to be in a hunt plan.


While this is a jealously guarded secret among hunters, your hunting location should be in the plan. Although you should protect this information from too many hunters, you need to trust one or two persons with your true location.

These things should be in there:

  • Your planned routes in and out of the hunting zone and any alternatives
  • The exact spot you intend to park your car or set up camp
  • GPS coordinates of your specific location for easy search

Contact Information

As a hunter, you need to leave your contact to at least one other party that can find you in case of emergencies.

This other party- a hunting partner or friend should have your name, phone number, and other important contact information.

It is also important that you exchange point-person contact information when hunting with a partner, even though your cellphone helps save numbers. That way, if your phone becomes flat, your partner can inform the point person.


Like having the best 18650 flashlight included in your hunting gear for use at night, time is one of the most important things that should be in your hunting plan as it helps people know when to expect you. When that time passes without any notification from you, it alerts the person you left the plan to that there might be a possible issue. It’s best to leave a little grace period since you won’t be sure the exact time you will be done hunting.

However, if you couldn’t make it at that time for any reason, do well to inform your point person. Since call service may fluctuate in hunting areas, you should include a distress time in the plan. When it gets to this time, and they haven’t heard from you or not shown up, your point person can call for help.

Other Important Things to Consider

  • The climate of the hunting area determines your spending time, especially if you intend to fly an air taxi.
  • Your phone number is important and should be in your hunt plan to enable quick calls in distress
  • Make, Model, and license plate number of your car even if it is rented
  • Get a satellite phone in case of faulty service and add necessary medical information

Where Should You Leave Your Hunting Plan?

Where Should You Leave Your Hunting Plan

It’s always ideal to leave your hunting plan with a family or friend before you go hunting in the wild. This plan gives them the information needed to reach you if things don’t go according to plan. For example, a search party can be organized if you stay more than the stated return time.


You agree that having a hunting plan is much better than not having one, don’t you? But the truth is, you might not know the important things to include as a hunter. But with the information provided above,   you will have a great idea of what should a hunting plan include. You could add other things as you deem fit.