What to do After a Super Stressful Day: 7 Ways to Unwind

Everybody Has a Bad Day Every Now and Again
Stress is a killer, literally. It erodes telomerase, which your DNA uses to keep your genetic code “healthy”, as it were. As telomerase erodes, you age. As you age, you become ever closer to the end of your days. Stress will kill you sooner. Here’s the thing: no matter how healthy you are, you can’t avoid the occasional bad day.

Sometimes you make a mistake, sometimes someone else does. Sometimes it’s the weather that gets you, or some political move beyond your control. Sometimes your place of work fails, and you have to find a new job.

Whatever the case, bad days will come. It’s impossible to avoid them. So what’s the solution? Well, learn techniques to unwind after a hard day. Here are seven to think about.

1. Take a Nice Warm Bath

Run the bath, put on some music, light some candles, lean your head back, and relax. Let the steam fill the room, close your eyes, and just breathe. You may end up taking a nap and waking up in cold water. Well, if you’re relaxed enough to fall asleep, you’ve successfully eliminated at least some of the stress from the day—congratulations!

2. Watch a Film or Other Documentary

Part of stress involves how your mind works. When something bad happens, we tend to go over it again and again in our heads. How do you get around that? You’ve got to get your mind on another topic entirely.

A movie, a documentary, a podcast, a book, a video game—all these things can be great avenues toward “clearing the mind”, as it were, and so subsequent stress.

3. Give the Mind a Little Rest a-la Bob Marley

What did Bob Marley say? He spoke of hard work, and its benefits, but how it’s important first to take care of your head. He was talking about cannabis, and truly, as a stress reducing substance, there’s little that’s better. Just be moderate as with all things. Also, consider vapes or bubblers to reduce coughing. Here’s a link on how to use a bubbler.

4. Exercise Helps Many People Unwind

When you exercise, endorphins course through your bloodstream, and with the endorphins come feelings of positivity and relaxation. Stress is often represented in the mind as pent-up aggression. Exercising lets you release that tension in a safe environment while simultaneously channeling it into better health. It’s a win-win.

5. Strategic Stress Fighting: Posture, Mindfulness, and Guidance

Another issue that might contribute to your stress is general sadness, or depression. If that’s the case, overcoming depression is paramount to reducing the impact of a bad day at home, school, or the office. How you sit, as regards posture, and how you think will be very important. Think on mistakes and you’ll be sad more often.\

Guidance through stress counselors can be fundamental in helping you overcome issues like these related to stress.

6. Go on a Drive Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

A nice, peaceful, scenic drive can help clear your mind. Even if you’re in a tiny farming community in Kansas, there’s somewhere on the roads around your community you’ve never been to before. (Unless, of course, your job is the upkeep of all roads within a localized area; in which case, find a road outside that area.)

Most of us tend to live in a sort of circuit. We go one place at a time, at a certain point during the week, and seldom deviate. However, if you just mix things up a bit, the novelty can help align your mind on healthy thoughts that assist in stress elimination.

7. Find a Nice, Quiet Place Where You Can Take a Walk

Similarly, take a walk somewhere—especially by cool, flowing water. A stroll along a babbling brook for a mile and a half is exercise, and it puts you closer to nature. Some of the best stress reduction in the world comes from a day out in the countryside.

What to do After a Super Stressful Day 7 Ways to Unwind

Managing Stress in a Healthy Way

A nice warm bath helps your body and mind relax, allowing you to sweat off the day’s difficulty. Films, documentaries, and even video games are also a fine way to get your mind off your troubles. As Bob Marley sang, “hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of your head”—a little cannabis can do wonders to eliminate stress.

Something else that has a similar effect is exercise. Endorphins and sweating for a half hour or an hour helps clear the mind. Also, working with guides to incorporate known anti-stress techniques is helpful. So also is going on a peaceful drive somewhere new, or taking a nice quiet walk in a place you like.

These are just a few anti-stress suggestions. Different people have different preferences. Some folks juggle to kill stress, others play instruments, others take a nap, still others might go to a boxing gym. Figure out what works for you, and when you feel that stress percolating on the back of your mind, don’t give in. Instead, outmaneuver it with techniques like these.