What To Do When An Intruder Is Trying To Break Into Your House?


Break-ins do not just happen in movies. They do happen, and they can happen to anyone. It is one of the most common types of crime in the United States. Some are typical, but there are also traumatic ones which at times even end up in death. Being broken into your home may sometimes be unavoidable, and when you are in that situation, the thing that matters most is your safety and the lives of everyone in the property. As Volusia County Management advises, being prepared for anything is better, so you know what to do in case the inevitable happens. Here are some safety tips you can do during a break-in.

Have an Emergency Plan

Even the safest and quietest neighborhood can sometimes be a victim of crimes and break-ins. Therefore, every household should have an emergency plan, and safety precautions must be taken to minimize the risks of getting broken into. The first thing you need to do is to have a safety plan. So in case of a break in, what will you do?

You should also be ready at all times by making some safety precautions a hobby. Put your phone and car keys together on the bedside table before sleeping. It is also good to have an emergency locksmith service like Action Lock Doc come out to check out your locks and potentially install more advanced locks in your doors and windows to make it difficult for anyone to break into your home. Make sure that all possible entry points are locked especially when a fence does not secure your property. Our recommendations for a safer place, consider security fences from Illinois Fence Company, yes it’s popularly used for your farm security but it can also be helpful in your household.

Do Not Make Any Sound

If you feel like or if you see an intruder in your home, it is best to stay quiet. Do not make any movement or sound which might indicate your presence. Wait for the intruder to go into another part of the house. Do not panic, stay calm and make up your mind, is it safer to run away or is it better to hide in a locked place? It will depend on the orientation of your house and where the intruder is.

Call 911 Immediately

Use your phone to call 911 as soon as you can. Make sure though that you are in a safe place before doing so. If it is not possible, try to make sure that your location will at least give you a few minutes of safety while help is on its way. 

Do Not Fight Unless Trained

One thing you need to remember is to value your life and the life of others with you more than any possession you have. This mistake happens many times even to the wisest and most intelligent people. Unless you know you are trained and capable of bringing the intruder down then that is the only time you fight. Also, make sure to know what weapons he has.

Press the Panic Button and Wait

Now that you are somehow safe and help is on its way use your car keys panic button to trigger the alarm in your car. Most of the time, this will cause panic to the intruder so they might run away. Make sure though that you are not within his line of sight when you do so. Wait for help to arrive, you do what you can and try to stay safe.


Make Sure To Provide Details Afterwards.

On an off chance that you saw the intruder, try to be keen with details. Memorize how they look and what they wear. Stay calm so you can recall everything since if they got away before the law enforcers arrive, you want to provide as much details as possible.It will be easier for the police to send an alarm to the neighborhood and track the burglars. This will help in preventing them from victimizing other households.

 Also, take note of everything that’s been broken and missing. An encounter with burglars can be traumatic, but with a little preparation and high dose of calmness can help a lot. Take time to revisit and enhance your home security. Put in a fence from the fence fast company if possible and practice some drills for possible scenarios of break in.

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