What to see at the TECHSPO New York 2023?


If you work in the world of technology and innovation, in the New York City area, there is one show you will not want to miss this Spring: the TECHSPO New York 2023. During two days, all the important people in these industries will get together, in order to discuss the future but also to discover what the various exhibitors have brought to the show. Here is what you need to know about the latest edition.

Where and When?

This latest edition will be held again at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge Hotel in New York City. The two-day event will take place on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The attendance is limited, so professionals who intend to visit the show should reserve now. People who will take part in the event include developers, brands, marketers, technology providers and designers.

Who will be There?

The TECHSPO is a great place to find all the people that you need if you are looking to create and bring a new electronic product to the market. By meeting with peers, it is possible to make connection that will ease such course. For example, it can be difficult to handle all the necessary steps by yourself. Even established companies call upon specialists in order to save time and money for various tasks. That is the case with electronic product certification, for example. A company offering design and manufacturing services can handle this part more easily and efficiently than the creator of the product, most of the time.

As you walk the alleys of the trade show, you can find new products that you would like to invest in or that you can distribute. It will provide you with ideas of new products that you could add to the ones that you already sell. It is a great source of inspiration for anyone that works in this industry, as it opens-up new development alleys, that you may never have thought of otherwise. Most of all it offers the possibility to increase your network of people, who could be helpful for one project or another, in the future.

What will take Place during the Event?

Throughout the whole event, the public attending will be invited to walk through the TECHSPO Hall. There, they will discover kiosks with all kind of technological innovations. It is the perfect place to find your next investment or partnership, whether it would be in production, distribution or as a sales agent.

There are also four DigiMarCon sessions, split in two days, where many subjects will be touched upon. Only professionals with an all-access pass can participate in these meetings that take place behind closed doors. Afterwards, the discussion can continue during the networking luncheon. Everyone is invited to take part in the Lunch and Learn Sessions, which last 45 minutes.

Skipping the TECHSPO New York event next month would mean missing out on the possibility to grow your business in one way or another, if you work in technology and innovations. Register now, before all available spaces are booked.

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