What To Wear to a Petting Zoo or Farm


Taking a trip to the petting zoo or farm is an exciting adventure for you and your family. There’s just one big question when the day comes: what should I wear? There are so many great options for you to wear to look stylish and enjoy practical accessories. Whether you’re taking family photos or doing work on your personal farm, enjoy denim jeans, flannel shirts, and exciting items that will be the perfect fit for your outing.

Rock the farm life and get ready to get down and dirty with the animals when you wear durable denim or shirts you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The goal is for you to feel free to play around and meet all the goats, lambs, horses, and chickens in a safe and friendly environment. Have fun with these different fits and wardrobe options for your trip to the petting zoo or farm.

Find comfortable pants or jeans for your trip to the farm

Start your outfit the right way with jeans and pants that are comfortable and stylish for a day at the zoo. Explore a variety of women’s denim for mom in boot cut or high-waist designs. You can also explore comfortable athletic wear options or stretch pants that allow you to get down and dirty with the animals. Check out great denim style options that will achieve the same ends. Whether you’re dressing up in your new favorite jeans or helping your child get their booty into something comfortable, find great classic fits and fabrics for your bottoms.

Wear shirts or tops that you don’t mind getting a little messy

When you plan your visit to the petting zoo, make sure you have on tops that you don’t mind getting a little messy. Avoid anything that the animals may want to jump at or try to chew. Your fringe, beads, and lace are incredibly stylish, but not the best items for you to be around animals. Instead, opt for a simple t-shirt or button-up flannel in stretch fabrics that will be comfortable and convenient as you’re visiting the animals.

Make sure you can move around at the petting zoo or farm with simple footwear

One of the big things to avoid while visiting a farm is any impractical footwear. Opt for sneakers rather than stilettos and boots rather than sandals. Whether you’re visiting a petting zoo in Halifax, PA or a farm in Oklahoma, you’ll need close-toed shoes for safety reasons. Make the more conscious choice in a variety of sizes and styles that will help you have a perfect time at the petting zoo or farm.

Prepare for rain with some waterproof clothing items

Before you head out on your big adventure, make sure you look up the weather and prepare for any sort of fluke moments that may happen at the zoo. Make sure you include a waterproof raincoat with your things. You may even consider bringing an umbrella to cover all your bases. This will help you guarantee that you can see all the cows, goats, exotic animals, and more when you go to visit the petting zoo or farm in any weather.

Finish off your look with stylish accessories

Complete your farm look or zoo attire with exciting accessories that can add style and practicality for your day out. Search for that perfect pair of sunglasses or a nice purse for you to carry any snacks or other essentials. Include a hat or useful belt as a fun way to spruce up your outfit. There are so many great options to add accessories to your or your younger children’s look as you all visit the interesting animals and attractions.


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