When to Change a Stoma Pouch

The expiry time or due date for pouch changes is a hotly debated issue. It is beneficial in a situation where you can set up a time table for changing your ostomy bag. A fair and reliable step is to change your bag when your ostomy is dormant to many. A decent time during your early morning routine. The number of changes is determined by several factors. For example, the size of the output, how consistent it is, the stoma’s location, and the expiration time. One should constantly change their Ostomy bag when they feel some tingling on their skin coming around the ostomy area. In any way, stoma protection should not be changed in more than two weeks.

An ileostomy, which normally overwhelms the digestive organ will bring out more fluid. It is better to exhaust the bag when it is one-third, half, or even more if you wish that. But in a case where the bag is already filled, it can get very large pulling the barrier away from the body and leading to serious purging.

The longest date due for changes as suggested by its makers is seven days. When it is the seventh day the bag may no longer be able to offer the protection they are designed to give. But on average the duration due date for regular changes in four days. This implies that a few people make the changes daily while a larger few make it once a week, and a lot would of people are in the middle of making the changes midweek.

Factors that Determines a Stoma’s Expiration

Many would try to change it as much as possible when it is necessary, but a few people would change them more regularly to feel cleaner. Although everyone needs a clean change from time to time, there are a few things to consider in choosing how frequently one should change their stoma bags.

The consistency of Your Stool

The high amount of your fluid output will determine the solidness of the stool. High fluid yield will increase the possibility of spillage.

The State of Your Skin

In a case where you have had some spillage or rash, your skin will be wet. This dampness diminishes your seal all the more rapidly. Getting a decent seal resembles building a house so you need to expand on a strong establishment. Your Stoma’s length is another important factor to consider if it sticks out because this makes it simpler to get stool or pee into the bag than the one that opens at skin level.

The Flexibility of the Stoma

A stoma that sticks out and later turns out to be level or a bit beneath the degree of the skin while moving makes it harder to guarantee that your pee or stool goes into the bag rather than under its spine.

The Abdomen’s Shape and Development

In a situation where your abdomen has a rapid change especially when you move around. This might reduce the expiration of your stoma bag. And there can be deep lines and other ugly surfaces which can speed up its expiration date. So it is best to get the most suitable protection for your abdomen