Where are the most unique casinos in the world?


Gambling is ever-changing, and what excites players today might not always be their go-to tomorrow. For this reason, casinos must keep reinventing themselves to remain fresh and hold on to their existing customers. Else, a new casino will whisk these players away, enticing them with fantastic opportunities. Take the example of Cherry Jackpot Casino, which continuously adds new games, including specialty titles, to remain ahead of the curve. Land-based casinos are no different, having realized that they need an edge to remain relevant. So, which casinos have awed players, and what makes them an excellent option to have on your gambling bucket list?

North Cadbury Court, Somerset, UK

From the outside, this old-style house looks like any other and transports you back in the day to simpler times. The house sits solid and pretty, surrounded by immaculate lawns and a fantastic backdrop. But once you set foot into the house and head down to the basement, you soon realize that this house has a well-kept secret. What is it? A casino that can hold up to 30 players at a time with croupiers ready to tend to your gambling needs. So, if you’ve ever craved a private gaming session that takes you back in time, this would be it!

Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV

Most people who have played in Las Vegas know about Bally’s, and those that have not will appreciate some background on it. You see, from the outside, you’d think that it was yet another establishment with the same set of games. But the story goes deeper than this. Bally’s stands where the MGM Grand Hotel stood until the fire incident in the 80s. At least 80 people were trapped in the building and died. When Bally’s opened, people started reporting strange occurrences, including furniture moving by itself or encountering ghosts in the establishment. Care for some more adrenaline rush? – You might want to couple your gaming with a stay at the hotel.

Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

Summers in Australia can be unbearably hot. So, it makes sense that people once built their homes underground to evade the scorching temperatures. The Desert Cave Hotel is a testament to this form of architecture, featuring rock in its build. It makes for a great place to retreat to and unwind as you catch up with a few games in the middle of the desert. What a great way to beat the heat and make some money while at it!

Esperanza Base, Hope Bay, Antarctica

How do you keep busy in freezing weather? Well, some Argentinian scientists decided that rather than sit home and warm their hands by the fire, they would get their adrenaline pumping. How? They worked with their support crew and, together, built a small casino in their building! That was all they needed to make their mission even more eventful. So, if you ever want to experience the cold weather and try your luck while at it, you know where to go.

Now, if you are looking for something more conventional, you could always try:

  • Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA: Lies on a puddle,
  • Casino Palais Savarin, Prague: Over a century old,
  • Sun City Resort, South Africa: Boasts extravagance, and
  • Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia: Lies 6,000 meters above the water level.

Before we finish our list, let’s talk about the casino at State Prison, Nevada, US. Oh yes! A casino once operated straight from the prison, offering card and table games. For at least three decades, prisoners had the chance to wager their luck on casino games, contributing to the operating revenues for the establishment. Wouldn’t that be a great way to pass the time when locked away? No wonder it made it to our list!

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