Where to get real estate backlinks


Where to get real estate backlinks

For better or for worse, backlinks still take hold of your search engine rankings. Google keeps telling us that content is king, and it is partially true. On-point SEO and robust content marketing techniques remain one of the battlefronts to build real estate backlinks and increase overall digital presence. Even if you craft a compelling masterpiece, chances are high, your article will be lost in an ocean of other copies.

Therefore, real estate specialists worth their salt should always make website SEO their priority. We have collected the best practices of ramping up your backlink profile and dumped them up in an ultimate guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Best Backlink Sources For Realtors

The science behind digital popularity for realtors is pretty simple. The higher your website ranks on the search system, the easier it is to find your company, and the more leads and sales you are going to fetch. And this is when inbound links come on stage. Being one of the building blocks for your online presence, backlinks or inbound links are external links to site A, placed on third-party resources such as site B, site C, and so on. In this case, sites B and C are called donors, whereas site A is called an acceptor. The total of relevant links to your site is a powerful signal of how popular or trustworthy your platform is from Google’s standpoint.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the most viable practices that will help you build real estate backlinks and get eyes on your listings.

Leverage local websites

Local platforms like community websites or charity web pages are excellent resources to obtain sticky links in your vicinity. In return, you can offer to sponsor their website, suggest a discount, or refer to the local websites on your platform.

For example, think about the top five or ten local websites (depending on the location size) you know in your city or town. Liaise with them and offer to cover their website expenses for the whole year. It won’t cost you that much, let alone the fact that paid backlinks are definitely more expensive than hosting and domain.

Local mentions boost your SERP rankings in an unseen way because Google gives specific weights to map-based inbound links. Local websites are naturally based in the same geographic region as your business, and their reference to your web page will look trustworthy in Google’s eyes.  Also check out HARO or HelpAReporter.com as well.

Go for easy pickings ( use your network)

Liaising with your local business partners is what seems to lie on the surface but gets ignored by most realtors. For example, you can partner up with a local hair salon and ask for discount coupons.

After that, you can include this perk into your regular email list and provide value to your subscribers. In return, your partner also includes a link back to your site. This way, you kill two birds with one stone by boosting your search rankings and increasing customer satisfaction.

Again, the obtained real estate links will rely on your location and look excellent to Google. You can even ask a hair salon owner to insert a keyword in the link for an added value. The unbeatable combo of keywords and inbound links will add visibility to your business.

Guest posting

Guest posting in real estate blogs is a surefire method to whip your SEO into shape. It is one of the most talked-about ways of earning backlinks for the real estate industry. Among other benefits, it helps you build authority in your niche and prove yourself as an expert in a particular field.

Today, the Internet is loaded with guest posting opportunities from special tools like Content Explore to hassle-free ways such as backlink services. In any case, you should aim for relevant platforms, domain ratings, and organic traffic. You can score a guest post by using search operators like this:

Or contact a backlink agency that will take this burden off your shoulders and assist in gaining outreach and exposure.

Give testimonials in exchange for a mention

You can find the local testimonial websites by taking a quick look around Google. Again, the location factor will amplify your SEO efforts by giving you extra Google points.

You have an electrician or a roofer you always call, don’t you? Type in “roofer [your location] testimonial”. The search engine will show you lots of review websites, and most of them link back to the person who has left a testimonial. It will earn your website a local mention and help your Google rankings.

You can do the same

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