Where Will DeShaun Watson Land Next Year?

Anyone who has been paying attention to the sports world has probably heard that DeShaun Watson wants out of Houston. This is going to be the most significant trade in NFL history. Never has a young quarterback in the prime of his career with such a bright future been on the trading block. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what kind of value DeShaun Watson will fetch on the open market. Houston is probably not going to get as much as they think for him. DeShaun Watson has a no-trade clause that will limit the number of suitors. It could be helpful to look at the trade that just had Jared Goff going to the Detroit Lions in exchange for Matthew Stafford. Having a major impact on AAA sports picks next year, the Lions also got a haul of picks. Where is DeShaun Watson going to go?

The New York Jets Have the Ammo

The New York Jets are in one of the best positions possible to acquire DeShaun Watson. Yes, the New York Jets were one of the worst teams in the NFL last year. At the same time, they will not land Trevor Lawrence because they do not have the first pick. Also, they got rid of one of the biggest causes of their disastrous record, firing head coach Adam Gase. Notably, the New York Jets are loaded with draft picks right now. Therefore, they have the ammunition to go after DeShaun Watson if they would like.

The Carolina Panthers Are a Sneaky Dark Horse

The Carolina Panthers have been circulated recently as being in the mix for Deshaun Watson. They did make an offer for Matthew Stafford but did not land him, which shows they are looking for a quarterback. Furthermore, DeShaun Watson is from the south and played at Clemson. Even though the Panthers might not have the draft capital to go after him, they might be willing to swap Christian McCaffrey, arguably the best running back in the NFL. Time will tell if the Carolina Panthers are genuinely going to be in the mix for Deshaun Watson and his services.

Looking at the Future of the NFL

DeShaun Watson is one of the brightest young stars in the NFL. It is highly unusual to see such a talented young quarterback on the move in the prime of his career. Unfortunately, the Houston Texans have screwed up the situation with their young quarterback. DeShaun Watson could choose to sit out the entire year if the Houston Texans refused to trade him. This would not be good for either side. Therefore, expect to see DeShaun Watson throwing the football for another team next year. The only question is where he is going to go.