Why Are More And More Students Now Using Essay Writing Services?

In the last decade, we have witnessed the rise of thousands of GAMSAT students using GAMSAT section 2 essay writing services, and the number will continue to grow online. The sudden surge in essay writing services is why many students are interested in outsourcing their essays rather than writing them. So these companies are rising to meet the excess demand. 

Nowadays, many students across all age groups are more interested in reaching out to an essay writing service when they have a challenging assignment or a tight deadline. Many students do this because of their laziness, and others think it is too hard for them. However, other students are also caught up in many different activities that they don’t have the time to write their essays. 

Even though these services are legal, the educators and educational system frown at them. So it is one subject that raises a lot of controversies within the academic sector. Some educators believe that the students are cheating when they visit a website like bestdissertation.com that offers the best thesis writing services amongst many other benefits. 

One of the significant fears among college lecturers and professors is that many students outsource their essays because they are too lazy to try and write them. The ripple effect of this is that the student will get lazier, probably get good grades without adequately understanding the subject, won’t learn many things that they are supposed to learn through research, and won’t improve. In the end, these students will graduate without being equipped with all the knowledge and information necessary because they didn’t do due diligence. 

The educators’ fears are valid and understandable, but that’s their perspective. There are always two sides to an issue. The students also have their views, and on that note, there are numerous reasons why more students are using essay writing services

Why do students pay others to do their essays?

Why do students pay others to do their essays

From a student’s perspective, the list of reasons for outsourcing assignments and essays and paying others to do it are endless. Some of these are discussed below:

  • A long list of assignments with a lack of time

It is easy to say the students are lazy, but it has to be said that the workload can be overwhelming too. Students take several courses per semester, and for each class, they have to submit several essays and assignments to the lecturer. If you consider how much time it takes to write an essay and the number of essays students are told to write, you will realize how overwhelming these assignments are for students. Unless the students cannot engage in other extracurricular activities and live a normal life, it may be hard to catch up while writing all these essays by themselves. 

The lack of time is also a significant factor because many students work as they study. So they don’t have enough time on their hands to write several essays when they can visit collegessaywriter.com to order for the essay and be guaranteed a good grade. 

  • Language barrier for international students

International students, like the locals, are also tasked to write essays in a foreign language. The language is not native to them, and many of them are still learning fluency in the language. So, asking them to write several 1000+ word essays in the same language feels like an arduous task to accomplish. Rather than risk writing a poor essay that would affect their grade, they’d instead seek help from essayontime.com or another essay writing service that guarantees quality services at an affordable price. 

  • It frees up more time and helps keep up with a hectic student schedule.

Many students find it challenging to balance their personal and student life, and writing a lot of essays is not helping out. This puts the students under tremendous pressure, and they face this every day. This makes the student life very hectic because apart from the long list of essays, they still have many other things to worry about and little time to balance their life. 

It is difficult for students to attend all their classes, write all essays and assignments, maintain social relationships, engage in extracurricular activities, etc. It feels like they need help, and the education system asks too much of them. Unfortunately, all that they can do is seek dissertation help at brillassignment.com, where they can get the best of it. This will help free up their time, relieve stress, and help them keep up with the hectic schedule. 

  • Excellent grades 

Students know that they have a better chance at scoring high grades if they outsource their essays to essay writing services. Some students naturally struggle in some courses, so they need all the help they can get to pass it, and one of them is getting good grades in their essays, which these writing services guarantee. 


There are many benefits of essay writing services for students, so it’s easy to see why more students use them. The only reason it’s controversial is that educators think it allows students to be lazy, but this isn’t necessarily true. Instead, it means they’re viewing it from one perspective and refusing to see the bigger picture. 

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