Why Casino Are Thriving During COVID 19

The covid19 pandemic affected almost every business globally, with land-based casinos among the most affected in the gambling industry. At the height of the pandemic several land-based casinos were shut down in Singapore. Those that didn’t have online websites had to entirely shut down their businesses until movement and gathering restrictions were eased.

However, as the world is slowly adapting to new ways of living with this disease, both online and land-based casinos are starting to thrive again. People are getting back to business, and casinos are now fully resuming business. This article will discuss why casinos have begun to thrive during these covid19 days.

Let’s dive in!

What Happened In The Early Covid19 Days?

During the early days of the pandemic, many people chose to stay indoors as many were worried about contracting a disease that neither had a vaccine nor a cure. Most governments across the globe put up restrictions that made it almost impossible to travel and gather, which meant land-based casinos had to put their operations at a standstill.

People chose online casinos as a way to cope with the pandemic’s depression and anxiety. Most of the online casinos in Singapore and the rest of Asia gained many new users during these times. Even the people who were not so much into gambling picked interest in trying out online casinos as a way of killing time.

Land-based casinos invested in improving their online presence through creating websites that offered their services or improving the ones they already had. The rise in the people interested in online casinos led to rapid innovation in the online casino business.

Technological Advancement At Online Casinos

When movement and gatherings were restricted, online casinos had to find ways to boost their customers’ user experience to give them almost the same kind of experience they would get at land-based casinos. Some of the advancements include adding games with AR and VR support to make the experience of playing at these online casinos more realistic.

Online casinos have also improved their user interfaces to make them much easier to use and navigate from one web page to another. These advancements greatly enhanced the user experience of gamblers, which made them spend more time at online casinos and invite their friends to join as well.

Singapore online casino have also made their websites more responsive to make it much easier for users to access their sites using their mobile devices. Since most people access these websites using their smartphones, the number of new users increased due to the great experience they were getting from these websites.

As we have seen above, more of these technological advancements were driven by competition. As more players got into the online gambling space, every brand had to find a way of attracting new customers and also retaining the old ones. One way to achieve this was by giving users a better playing experience while on these websites.

Generous Promotions And Bonuses By Online Casinos

Since the operational costs of online casinos are way lower than those of land-based casinos, most of them have chosen to invest in giving back to their customers through bonuses and other forms of prizes. Almost every online casino in Singapore offers a 100% or more bonus on the first deposit for every new user that registered.

These bonuses led to rapid growth in the number of new users that joined these online casinos. Some online casinos also give out gifts like the latest iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Note 21 Ultra. Such prizes have enticed many new customers to join these platforms to stand a chance of winning one of them.

What Does The Future Hold For Online Casinos?

With the global market of online gambling growing every year, growth for online casinos will be inevitable in the coming years. As the internet is becoming fast and cheaper, more and more people are getting connected to the internet, and all these will get to know about the existence of online casino services.

Singapore currently has an internet penetration rate of over 90%, and all these are potential customers for online casino websites. Smartphones are also getting cheaper, so more people will have a chance to buy and use them to access the internet. All these factors put together will make it almost impossible for the online gambling industry in Singapore and the rest of the world not to grow even further.

However, the online casinos that will benefit from these technological advancements are those that will put their entire focus on improving the user experience of their customers. Things like the quality of customer support, simplicity of websites, and the gaming experience users get while playing will have a significant role in determining the online casinos that will get more customers.

Singapore online casinos like me88 have significantly invested in their websites to improve the user experience. This website is well optimized for desktop and smartphone users, which has become one of their strengths over other casino websites in the country.

Final Thoughts

The growth in the online casino industry during this pandemic has been the highest ever since online casinos got into existence in the late 1990s. As we have seen above, the main reasons for their growth are; the inability to access land-based casinos during the early days of the pandemic and the technological advancements made by online casinos.

As technology continues to get better and cheaper, we shall continue to see more innovations being done to improve user experience. When users are satisfied with the services they are getting, growth is almost inevitable.