Why did Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera Got Divorced?

Jenni and Juan Lopez got divorced because of the actor’s infidelity. Although the actress was married to another man for five years, she devised a scheme to seduce him and get him back. One of the show’s most memorable episodes was when Jenni showed up at Juan’s office pretending to be the same as him and asking for his lover by name. However, the two split up when their children were still young. While they were married, Jenni and Jenica had a child together, and Johnny was two at the separation. In 2007, while in prison for selling drugs, Juan died of pneumonia.

While the couple’s first marriage ended in scandal, the second marriage was a disaster. After being accused of rape, Jenni went on the run for nine years and was captured in 2009. In 2009, her lawyer accused her of fabricating charges, and she was sentenced to nine years in prison. In 1997, she was attacked by men and was later found guilty. After the arrest of Trino Marin, she and Lopez got back together and had their daughter, Jenica.

According to some sources, the two were separated in 2003. This happened because she was pregnant with her first child, Chiquis, at fifteen. In 2010, she married Esteban Loaiza, a baseball player. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2012, and he died in prison from complications of pneumonia in 2007. The two were separated for a long time after the split. For more information, click to juana ahumada that would be the right place for you.

The two married in 1997 and were separated soon after. The couple agreed to co-parent their children. In 2007, however, Juan was arrested for drug trafficking and was later found dead in jail. Despite the tragic circumstances, the couple decided to stay together for their daughters. Fortunately, they remarried in 2010 and had a daughter, Jenica. If you are wondering why Jenni Rivera got divorced, don’t worry! She’s still very much the mother.

Their marriage was troubled. Both had a history of infidelity. In 1997, Jenni and Juan were married. The couple had two children. In 2003, they separated. The children were born six years later. In 2010, they got divorced. Sadly, they both died in separate plane crashes. They had been together for just over two years. Eventually, they both filed for divorce, but the two remained close friends and had a daughter together.

After the couple divorced, Jenni and Juan have married again in 2007. Jenni and her husband had two children, Jenica, and Johnny Angelo, during the divorce. They separated in 2003 after a year of marriage. Their daughter, Jenica, was the CEO of her mother’s company. During their divorce, she was arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants.

Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez met in 1995 and married in 1997. After their marriage, she was married to Juan Loaiza in 1998. They had two children together. Jenni was married to Jose Trinidad Marin in the same year, who had two more children. The second marriage ended when he was sentenced to jail for drug peddling. Jennifer was the father of Michael and Jackie.

Jenni Rivera

After their divorce, Jenni and Juan Lopez married again in 2003. In 2007 they had two children and later separated. In 2008, they were separated after Juan was arrested for drug-selling. In July, they had another son, Esteban Loaiza. Moreover, the couple had a daughter together. The two split up in October 2012, but they were married in the same year. For more information, click to how tall is Ranboo that would be the right place for you.

After their divorce, Jenni had three children. The first one, Chiquis, was born when she was just fifteen. She married her second husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, and two more children. In 1997, she had a daughter named Jenica and a son, Johnny Angelo. During the marriage, the couple had a daughter named Joanna. The children were born after they got divorced in 2003.