Why Moving to Oregon Should Be Your Next Financial Step


Moving to a new place is an important step in anyone’s life.

Multiple parameters need to be assessed—finance, health, safety, transportation, the environment, etc. Navigating through these parameters and picking the perfect spot can seem overwhelming.

But, for all US residents or those who are planning to move to the US, here is some good news: moving to Oregon might be the right choice.

This state is located on the northwest side of the United States and is surrounded by Washington and California. It meets all the criteria for an excellent relocation spot. There is plenty of vegetation, beautiful lakes, magnificent coastlines, serene parks, a tranquil atmosphere, and so on.

Aside from its natural beauty, Oregon is a budget-friendly place to live in. That is why it has grown in popularity throughout the years, with an ever-increasing population.

This article explains why Oregon outnumbers the remaining states in the US, including California, when it comes to the advantages of moving in.

Exemption from the States Sales Tax

Every state has its own sales tax system. A state sales tax is a tax imposed on goods sold inside a certain state.

In California, for example, all purchases are subject to a 7.25 percent sales tax. So, if a buyer buys a product with a price tag of 10 USD, he must pay 10 USD plus the tax value.

Moving to Oregon, the consumer is free of this burden. Because the service is exempt in the entire state, a consumer simply has to pay the price tag. This saves the customer from a major financial load by lowering the amount he must pay for his everyday items.

A Good Place to Make Money

Oregon has a wide range of work opportunities. Many well-known tech businesses have offices here, including IBM, Tektronix, and Intel.

Oregon Health & Science University, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, and Salem Hospital are among the best healthcare facilities in the area.

Several well-known brands have their headquarters in Oregon. Among them is Nike in Beaverton, StanCorp Financial Group in Portland, and others. There has also been a rush of new enterprises in the Portland area.

The state is also home to numerous call centers. They typically have a significant number of positions available.

If there’s yet another thing that’s in great demand in Oregon, it’s the number of strip places.

Easy and Affordable Transportation

Portland has many walkable bridges to travel from one part of the city to another. There are additional public transportation choices in Oregon, like buses, streetcars, and MAX Light Rail. These services have reasonably priced tickets.

Also, each bus in Oregon has full wheelchair accessibility. Many of them come equipped with bike racks, a huge advantage for those who travel with bikes.

Warm and Friendly Population

It is largely accepted that individuals who relocate to Oregon from California are despised by locals. It’s untrue. The residents of Oregon are friendly.

People from the west side of Oregon are usually open-minded about a lot of social stigmas. As per a report, six out of ten individuals from Oregon supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

The people in power are constantly working to create a better health environment for all Oregon residents.

Oregon residents are less judgmental, so they won’t care what someone does. Living in Oregon is therefore a freeing experience.

Increasing Housing Demand

According to statistics, Portland’s population increased by 13.84 percent as recorded in 2010. This implies the demand for more homes in the area. Also, the fact that population growth is due to more people moving to Oregon rather than expanding families adds to the need.

Housing costs are also rising at an exponential rate. Having a property in Oregon is a good asset in terms of future benefits for inhabitants. In the long run, this could increase their net worth.

Increased Loan Limits

The borrowing limitations for Portland residents have also been raised. This makes “the huge investment” more accessible to people. For example, according to the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency), the average loan limit for moving to Oregon is roughly 650,000 USD for a single-family home.

Affordable Meals

Oregon has a lot of local farms, which means that fresh vegetables are always available. If these vegetables and fruits are purchased from local markets, Oregon residents can save a significant amount of money.

This is also a good way to keep one’s health in check because the food on your plate is fresh and organic.

Environment-Friendly Location

Moving to Oregon is equal to moving to one of the greenest states in the USA. With more LEED-certified buildings per capita, the state has an impressively low carbon footprint.

Oregon often ranks high on sustainable living lists. This makes the state eco-friendly and encourages energy efficiency.

Homeowners can find excellent programs, resources, and regulations that make recycling possible. They also have access to a wide array of renewable energy sources at affordable rates. This includes generating electricity through biomass, hydroelectric power, and more.

A Good Place to Retire

For people looking for a peaceful stay after retirement, Oregon can be a no-nonsense spot to unwind for the rest of their lives. Nature is one reason. The cost of living is another.

Residents in Oregon can participate in a variety of outdoor activities. This includes camping, hiking, fishing, white water rafting, and even walking their dogs.

Many cities in Oregon encourage individuals to ride their bikes. It is beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Riding a bike is also a terrific way to spend time relaxing while being cost-effective.

Gardening/Farming is another alternative to explore, especially for individuals who do not enjoy biking. The weather is nice and the land is fertile and nutrient rich. Under such circumstances, one can consider having a backyard garden.


Oregon connects affordability with luxury and comfort. It provides a safe atmosphere for both adults and children to grow up in.

Considering the above factors, Oregon offers a complete package for housing and residences. It is worthwhile to live there while simultaneously meeting the financial objectives.

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