Why People Love New Jersey Casinos


Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to New York to visit the iconic structures and places of interest which the city boasts. Many of these tourists will also find their way down to Atlantic City, in order to enjoy some good old fashioned gambling fun. Casino games are popular all over the world and you don’t even have to be inside a casino to enjoy them, in fact you can have a go here and see just why everyone loves them. The reality however is that there is nothing quite like going to the casino itself, and drinking in that atmosphere. There are many reasons why people make the trip down from New York to Atlantic City, and here is what to expect if wish to make this trip too.

Dressed Up 

Many years ago the casino was the exact type of event that people would dress up for, with men in sharp suits and ladies in slinky dresses. Over the years however the dress code went out of the window as more and more casinos looked to bring a wider clientele in. This made sense for the casinos of course, but over time it took the glossy edge off a trip to the casino for many. In Atlantic City there are still a number of casinos which stick to that traditional mentality, and that is certainly one of the reasons why people love to go. 

Vegas Improved

In terms of the amount of money and tourism which is generated, there is no doubt that Atlantic City pales in comparison to the mighty Las Vegas. With this being said however we cannot ignore the fact that Atlantic City boasts a much cleaner and upgraded look than Vegas. The complaint which so many people have when it comes to Vegas is that beyond the most famous hotels, so many of them look uncared for and lacking in attention. This is not something which can be said about hotels in Atlantic City and this is why many people love to visit the casinos and hotels in this area of New Jersey.

Proximity to New York

And of course another great feature of Atlantic City is that it is just a couple of hours away from New York City. This means that you can enjoy the sights in this world-famous city and still have time to enjoy a weekend by the ocean, enjoying some time at the casino. There are many ways to get down to Atlantic City but most people will look to rent a car and make the 2 and a half hour drive. Owing to the short distance people often spend just a night in the casinos, before heading back up to the Big Apple the following day to continue their vacation.

This is exactly why people love playing casino games in Atlantic City, have you been before? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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