Why Should A New Mother Never Wait to Call a Lactation Expert?


Breastfeeding is an activity that is healthy for both moms and babies but a lot of the time it is more challenging than newer moms expect it to be. This is why a large number of new moms give up on breastfeeding after the first month. According to a recent study in the US, nearly 80% of infants are breastfed at birth but only 49% are nursed after the first six months.

There are multiple things that can go wrong during the breastfeeding process. However, nowadays the new families have access to an extensive network of lactation consultants available who can guide them during this difficult process and make it easier and more manageable.

Whether it is an on-site visit or a virtual lactation consultant, they can guide you and help answer all the questions you have about nursing as a new mother. With that being said, here are some situations in which you should never hesitate to call a lactation expert.

When Your Nipples Are Sore

This is the most common occurring thing in new mothers when they are breastfeeding their newborn baby. This is also the main reason why moms stop nursing their babies. Sensitivity is expected after the delivery of the baby but if you are suffering from other issues like pain and cracked or bleeding nipples then you can call a lactation expert as soon as possible so he can help you in fixing the issue.

When Your Baby Loses 10% or more Body Weight

A minuscule amount of weight loss after birth is considered a normal occurrence. However, if your baby loses more than 10% of his body weight this might mean that he is not getting enough milk because of some sort of feeding issue. If this issue occurs, you should not hesitate in calling a lactation expert.

When You Are Having Latch Troubles

If your baby is having a hard time latching on to your nipples or he is having trouble staying on for long periods of time it might just mean that you need to change the position or the feeding technique. However, it can also mean that there is some other major condition so it is better to be safe and get in touch with a lactation expert.

When You Think You Are Not Making Enough Milk

If you think that you are not making enough milk, a lactation expert can examine the situation and determine if that’s the case or not. They can also give you some important tips through which you can increase your milk production.

When You Are Breastfeeding Multiples

Nursing twins or triplets is entirely different from nursing a single baby. A lactation expert can help in developing strategies through which you can effectively nurse both babies at the same time.

When You Are Thinking About Going Back to Work

If after a period of time you are looking to get back to work, a lactation expert can help guide you and give you tips through which you can effectively pump and store your milk.

When You Have Had a Complicated Delivery

Breastfeeding is not affected that much by ordinary delivery complications but there are special circumstances that can have an impact on it. Situations like significant blood loss during the delivery or high blood pressure can have some lasting effects on the entire nursing process. So, it is important that you call a lactation expert if you suffered these complications and are having difficulty in nursing your baby.

A lactation expert will help you through these complications and give you different tips on how you can manage these complex situations.

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