Why Should You Buy Sand Free Towels?


The most troublesome component of travelling to the beach is your towel’s ability to harbour and retain nearly as much beach sand as you brushed out of it before wiping yourself or exiting the beach. The worst betrayal, however, is having sand everywhere your towel goes, including inside your car and house. It has sand stuck in its loopy threads no matter how often you brush it, dry it, and dust it again. The sand is still there, despite shaking it vigorously. This is where the sand-free beach towel comes in, which looks similar to a conventional beach towel but is made of microfibre, a material noted for its absorbency. And since the fibres are so small and do not settle within them. When you’re ready to go, even when you have wet hair,  there is always a perfect towel for you.

How Does It Work? 

Tesalate created a sophisticated new material called AbsorbLite™ microfiber, which contains 20% polyamide and 80% polyester. Sand granules do not become stuck in the fibre loops of the microfiber fabric, as they do in traditional towels. After a good dusting, it just slips off. The towels’ AbsorbLite™ microfiber fabric deters sand from the inner fibres while simultaneously being incredibly absorbent, absorbing up to a litre of water.

They are compact: These sand-free towels roll up into a small space-saving bundle that is easy to put in your beach bag or your purse due to the unusual fabric utilized in them. For maximum convenience, the Absorblite™ fabric is designed to be compact and lightweight (even when wet). If you have only limited space in your suitcase or beach bag, these sand-free towels are ideal because they are lighter and thinner than traditional cloth towels. In addition, they feel cooler on your body in hot weather, and they fit like a glove into a clean, good-looking bag that is easy to transport.

They can be used as a wraparound: You are not required to simply lie on your sand-free towel. It can be used to cuddle with your companion. You can also put it on! It easily wraps around your waist to form a “pareo” or across your shoulders to shield them from the sun. Or to draw attention to your adorable summer attire!

Versatility: It can be used for practising yoga, relaxing by the pool, setting the atmosphere for a picnic in a garden, and even as a rough-and-ready quilt on a flight or in a hotel. The regular dimensions are 63 x 31 inches / 60cm x 80 cm, but they also have a bigger towel for two people option (63 x 63 inches / 160 x 160 cm) that is perfect for snuggling in.

In-home use: The sand-free beach towel is ideal for drying your hair! Because it is a microfibre towel, it does not cause frizzy hair when dry, making the styling process considerably faster. The towel absorbs water faster on the hair, making it easier to blow-dry. On the plus side, wrapping your hair in this towel is much lighter than wrapping it in a regular towel.

Mildew smell-free: Perhaps it’s due to the slimness of the fabric, but sand-free towels don’t seem to develop that mildewed, musty odour as soon as thicker towels. If you’re on the move for an extended amount period or can’t do the washing soon, that’s a highly desired commodity.

If you want to prevent sand everywhere on your vacation, they’re worth packing in your beach bag.

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