Why Startups and SMEs Should Invest More in Graphic Design


Are you one of those business leaders who are running small-medium enterprises (SMEs)? If so, then you know how challenging it is to sustain and scale your business. Therefore, investing more in sales and operations. It is understandable that as a business owner, your first initiative would be re-enforcing your sales team with everything that you could provide for a fast return of income (ROI).   Of course, your goal would be a self-sustaining startup in your first couple of years so that you could expand and aim for transformational business growth.

Your eyes already dwell on the far horizon of things. However, what if we tell you that you should initially be focusing on your graphic design if you want your sales team to be effective in their advertising efforts. Imagine your sales representatives trying to strike a deal using stale cards with their names on them and put yourself in the client’s shoes. Would you open your door to a strange representative who got off from a shady-looking car without any noticeable company stickers or magnetic car signs on it? Of course, not. 

See, graphic design plays a significant role in your marketing strategies and business development, as you cannot begin to advertise a product or service without well-designed marketing materials. If you are a business owner who doesn’t seem to understand why a graphic design investment or hiring a credible graphic design company is a wise business decision, this article will prove you otherwise.

How graphic design helps startups and SMEs make business

Understandably, business owners look at figures and the return of investments. The following graphic design benefits would focus on the sales and advertising aspects:

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It boosts your company’s credibility

We have already mentioned a scenario above that without the proper marketing collateral and materials, you would not receive and obtain the results you want. “What would that be?” It could be many things, but we could summarize it to customer and client rapport. As a business leader, you want your sales and business development team to gain your market’s trust, but how could they do that if they do not have the things that would make them seem credible.

Things such as well-designed presentations, proper calling cards, posh email signatures, brochures, company car signs, and even corporate uniforms, we could still go on, but you get the idea. If you want your sales team to represent you properly, you have to invest in the visual presentation of your brand image too.

It helps with your SEO ranking

How does graphic design even affect this aspect, you might ask. Well, simply put, the Google algorithm has been focusing on mobile-friendly websites. Meaning, your website must be designed in a manner that would be perfectly viewed in any mobile browser and device unit. If your website design is still using outdated trends, your page would drop from the ranks, and your business would not be visible to users anymore.

If your in-house IT team is already loaded with web development coding, it is time you outsource graphic design services to help you conceptualize how you want your website to look. Keep in mind that design and development are two different things and should be handled by two separate teams.

It improves customer retention

Going back to traditional marketing efforts. A well-designed logo helps your customers remember you. Take a look at the iconic Swoosh. See, everyone knows what we are talking about. Nike’s Swoosh is recognizable anywhere, and even with collaborative artists, everyone would know that it is Nike. Now that is customer retention at its peak.

So, when it comes to your startup or small business, a striking logo that represents your brand would visually impact people’s minds, as a majority of humans are visual learners. A business that did not even put a thought into creating its logo has weak branding roots and unstable marketing foundations that could result in advertising mishaps and even bankruptcy.

It attracts potential clients

Finally, the most obvious reason why businesses need great graphic design services. Following the point above, a well-design logo, pleasant billboard ads, responsive web design, a good app UI, and even well-managed social media channels all attract potential customers.

When your graphic design team understands your brand and your company, it reflects on the output, and people would notice it. Customers would turn, users would stop scrolling to take a second glance, and others would even subscribe to your page.

In this aspect, you don’t have to be at Nike’s level, you need to have a coherent and pleasing design for all your marketing tools to attract and entice people.

Graphic design isn’t just creating a mere logo. It is about understanding your whole brand and designing marketing materials that would help represent and sell your company in the real world and on digital platforms. If you still think that it is better to get free graphics online, it is time to rethink that, especially if you want to stand out and get ahead of the competition.

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