Why Using Antique Mirror Dressing Table for Your Bedroom


A mirror is imperative in every household as an ultimate styling accessory. It doubles the spatial vision and brings sunlight into the spaces devoid of natural illumination. Antique mirrors dressing tables provide the same advantages as regular mirrors but with an extra boost of elegance and aesthetic appeal with an uncommon and slightly more discreet appearance. Whether they gain their signature variegated finish over time or through artfully distressing, antiquated mirrors give a sense of personality, beauty, and heritage, which is hard to miss.

Although these may not appear to be the best choice for utilitarian reasons where you need the convenience of a fully reflective surface, for design purposes, yet the artifact can be an excellent additive to the places such as bedrooms and vanity spaces. Here’s how they can bring an element of the aristocracy to every possible setting with absolute ease.

Make a classic bedroom

A large antique mirror, instead of a conventional headboard, offers a dynamic visual effect for the bed’s cape. It’s a clear illustration of how distinguishing a finishing can get and still pull off a powerful, awe-inspiring effect. However, be conscious of the impact you want to make when selecting the product. If the rest of your bedroom space happens to be minimally decorated, it can be interesting to go for a bright, intensely distressed look. On the flip side, choose the one that has a more elegant and subtle finish if you wouldn’t want the mirror to take the entire focus onto it.

The sidewall is another interesting place where you can put your antique mirror dressing tablehowever, it would be important to see if this particular placement would be able to pull off an ornamental presence in the area too.

If you have a shelf in your Bedroom with a mantel adorning beautiful showpieces, photo frames and your styling accessories, its back wall can provide a rather sweet spot to place your vintage mirror and use it for the dressing purpose by putting a table in front. And, if the positioning happens to be right opposite to your bed, the entire arrangement can’t possibly get any better. So take a walk around your room and visualize the places where your antiqued mirror would look the best and then shop around the same requirement.

A wonderful reflection of your image

The ancient mirrors have always had a mystical beauty that has influenced us in more than one way— first as a makeup mirror and later as glamorous aged mirrors; they have managed to inject complexity and suspense in every room they are used.

Classic symptoms of wear, such as discoloration and scratches, help to decide whether the precious mirror is a replica, or a genuine piece. The contemporary reflective glass sheet is sure to be smooth and bubbling-free, thanks to processing methods unknown in the older times. Look closely inside the mirror glass for a small but noticeable waviness or discrete bubbles— Also, any fabrication flaws may mean that the glass is vintage. Although an image formation is never going to be perfect as it is on any other standard mirror, there is certainly a deep mystery and an element of subtle magic, which is hard to ignore— which makes it perfect for dress-up use.

It’s not just the ornamental framing and embellishments that set an antique glass mirror dressing table apart, but it is the unique and unusual reflective property that truly sets it apart from the league and adds a distinct charm to space where it is positioned.

Hide some minor facial flaws to make you confident looking

We have already discussed in the previous section how the imperfect and yet highly alluring appearance of the distressed vintage mirror glass sets it apart from the rest; the same characteristic offers another uncanny benefit to its user.

However, you may need to have a dedicated makeup mirror if you think that what you have in your bedroom or house isn’t enough. There are mirrors available in the market that are much clearer and more dedicated for makeup. In that way, you will have more confidence in yourself when doing makeup.

As they say, ‘Beauty lies in imperfection’ —nothing proves this adage true quite like a vintage mirror. Though the artefact might not offer you a spitting image in the name of reflection, what it offers is much more than that. A person using an antique mirror dressing table would agree how mystically it reflects— splendidly concealing all the flaws while revealing an unseen persona that will make anyone fall in love with their own beautiful self; A reason compelling enough to add one to your place.

Antique things always add value to your property

Anything vintage is sure to bring considerable value to your home with everyone suddenly taking cognizance of your ever-evolving taste in the art of interior designing; Adding an antique mirror dressing table does the same.

Vintage mirrors can effortlessly add the ingredients of sophistication and luxury to your house. They not only illuminate even the darkest spaces in your house but can even make your master bedroom or dressing area look spacious than it really is. All these features can make a property look highly lucrative to a potential buyer, making it much sought-after in no time.


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