Why You Don’t Need Need to Skimp on Quality When it Comes to Washable Rugs


When you’re designing your home, you try to plan for all of life’s little eventualities. Maybe you get a couple of extra glasses in case some of them break. Maybe you try to get a smaller coffee table so that you can discourage having a space for clutter in your living room. As you’re decorating you make about a thousand of these kinds of decisions. It is during this decision-making process that you may also start to make compromises. Maybe you’re a little clumsy, and those extra glasses you’re getting aren’t so much glass as they are a plasticine blend. Maybe that coffee table can be a little bigger than you initially thought, cause you want to be able to put your feet up or rest a dish on it. Hey, I get it, designing your space isn’t easy. You have to ride that perfect line between looks and functionality, and honestly?

It’s not an enviable task. Luckily something you don’t have to compromise on is your rug. Now, I hear those alarm bells going off in your head, and believe me I get it. You’re thinking to yourself, well sure I can pick any rug I want; too bad it’s just going to get stained the second I have a dinner party. Well, luckily that doesn’t have to be true anymore. Let me introduce you to a wonderful new company that creates stunning stylish rugs that are machine washable. Yup you heard me right, a rug that when it gets dirty you just throw it in the laundry along with your undies. No, you’re not dreaming these washable rugs really exist!

Wait, You Can Wash Them?

Yes, Revival has made an extraordinary innovation in the realm of rugs, by making a genuine stylish piece of furniture, that can be cleaned in the comfort of your washing machine. These rugs are made from 100% organic cotton and have love etched into every stitch. This is an ideal gift for any of your friends who are younger and just moving into their own place. This rug is a great fit for the kitchen or the bathroom, or really anywhere that accidents are known to happen. This is incredible because no longer do we have to spend entire dinner parties scanning the room remaining hyper-vigilant for that errant spill or that acrid accident. Now we can relax knowing that any problem we have can just come out in the wash!

Functional, and Fashionable?

For me and many other people decorating your house is kind of a nightmare. When one is decorating their house they’re signing themselves up for a minimum of three months spent constantly on the lookout. Every little trip to Target now becomes an avenue for a parade of thoughts that sound like. “Do I need any extra pots?” “Should I get some more plants?” “Do I have too many plants?” “Is this furniture ugly?” etc etc. If it sounds like a carnival of chaos, well. Welcome to interior design. You see not only do we have to contend with the functional use of our furniture. We must also consider the design of the object and how it relates to the rest of your room. This is why something as seemingly simple as shopping for a rug can be so decidedly devious. Many questions start to arise when you’re looking at a rug.

Is this big enough for my room? Is this color the right shade I’m looking for? The list can go on and. That’s not even to mention the fact that all of that hard work goes to waste the second someone trips and drops their glass of red wine on it. Thankfully this is where Revival Rugs have come in. You see Revival keeps up on all of the latest trends in design and fashion to make rugs that you can be proud to show in your home. They spend time studying the routes that our culture is taking, and create designs that respond to it in a way that makes your home dazzle! That’s not even to mention the immutable quality of their construction. These rugs are created with the most discerning levels of care and craftsmanship you can ask for. It is this confluence of design and care that makes these rugs such a dynamic piece for the household, and I would be proud to display one in my home any time!

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve just moved into a great apartment in one of your dream neighborhoods. It’s taken you about two and a half months to fully settle in, but now that you are your space is stunning. Every single molecular inch of your apartment feels like you’ve designed it. There’s a little piece of your heart in every room. You’re so excited about the new place that you have some friends over for dinner. You have some laughs. Some dinner, and some drinks. Everything is going incredibly. Until all of the sudden.

You see it. The old jam-jar that you use as a glass has just tumbled off of your mantle. You watch it fall as if in slow motion. The exquisite merlot that it was carrying pouring out of the glass with its every revolution as it comes hurtling towards earth. Finally, it lands, red wine pooling on your new rug. Everyone at the party looks on in horror. The sympathy on their face is clear as day. Luckily you don’t share their alarm. Because you’ve just gotten a new washable rug from Revival Rugs. You quickly gather up the rug, give your guest back their glass, and launch your rug into the laundry. No tears, no drama, the party moves on, and you remember that night for the rest of your life! And thus another night is saved thanks to Revival Rugs and their incredible invention!


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