Why You Should Be Adopting Shiba Inus


Playful, foxlike, and beloved by most, the Shiba Inu breed is quickly growing in popularity all across the world. There is a reason for this newfound enthusiasm for one of Japan’s famous breeds – they make excellent companions! While each individual dog will have it’s own unique traits and quirks, let’s take a look at why you should adopt one of these amazing pups!

Low Maintenance Grooming

The Shiba Inu’s coat is incredibly easy to take care of — and they’re even meticulous self-groomers! This cat-like trait means they like to stay clean and keep their soft coats looking the best that they can all on their own.

Their fur remains a consistent length and doesn’t require regular hair cuts like many other breeds, and that can save a ton of cash and time that is better spent playing with them at the park. But do keep in mind that the winter blow-out is a thing and they may need a good brushing every one in a while — and still need a bath when it’s appropriate.

They are Intelligent and Easy to Train

If the Shiba Inu were any smarter, they’d join you in sipping tea and discussing particle physics. Okay, well, maybe not — but they still stand apart when it comes to their intelligence and how quickly they can learn.

Their eagerness to please lends towards quickly taking on new tricks and great companionship for play. This also helps them take to housebreaking very quickly, which can be a huge help for acclimating to your family. These traits also make them a great companion for working in the field or even around the house as they can learn to operate by the rules you set for them.

Manageable Size for All Families

Taking care of a Shiba Inu is a lot easier than a larger dog due to its compact size. This is helpful in a number of ways:

  • Fewer Space Requirements: Unlike larger breeds such as their cousins, the noble Akita, the Shiba Inu doesn’t need a massive house or yard to fulfill their energy requirements. While they will still need mental stimulation, it becomes a lot easier when you can simply pick up your pal and go to the nearest park or have some backyard bonding.
  • Easier with Children: If your younger family members will be partaking in some of the responsibilities, their small stature helps with allowing them to participate in walking them and keeping them engaged through playtime. Similarly, they are not so small that they are in danger of unwary eyes, like teacup breeds.
  • Less Expensive Care: In many situations, a moderately sized dog can be cheaper to provide routine care for. Not only is it easier to bring them into a vet (or any other place they don’t want to be), the costs for lower doses of medications can be significantly lower. Additionally, purchasing affordable dog insurance will save you even more money at the vet’s office. This also extends to the lower costs of feeding. While a Shiba Inu could eat one to one and a half cups of kibble in a day, other breeds can eat up to eight cups in a day!

They Produce Little Dander

While not truly hypoallergenic, the Shiba Inu produces a significantly lower amount of dander, which is the primary component of reactions in those who suffer from allergies. This can be a huge relief for visitors or for those who have mild allergies, as they may not always be triggered.

While these are all great reasons to adopt a Shiba Inu, the best part is their endearing presence and boundless love which they will share with you as part of your family. They will leave everlasting pawprints upon your heart and stand fast by your side through every challenge. Just like they will be there for us, it is important that we return that passion and joy by giving them the best that they deserve, which includes quality food, and veterinary care. This can be supplemented by making sure they have top-notch pet insurance. Every but that you give them, they’ll pay back ten-fold in love.

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