Why You Should Choose Stone Pavers for Your Home


Stone pavers in residential landscaping add intriguing effects as compared with plain gray concrete. In addition to the enhanced aesthetic appearance, pavers offer the advantages of durability, longevity and easy maintenance. That’s why these features were included in ancient landscapes and are still used today for patios, sidewalks and driveways. Adding a hardscape design to your yard using natural materials both increases property values and spaces in your home to be enjoyed during the seasons.

Shape and Size Variations

One particularly appealing aspect of stone pavers is the ability for homeowners to choose consistent shapes and sizes or a wide variety. Some men and women feel that combining different sizes and shapes in the hardscape creates a more interesting and natural-looking environment. That’s something to consider when thinking about your patios and walkways.

Aesthetic Appearance

There is no way for manufacturers to produce pavers that look as natural as stone material does. This is because the material forms over hundreds of years or even longer. The layers of components make this outdoor decorating feature truly unique. No neighbors will be able to precisely imitate the effects in their own yard.

Different types of stone are available so that homeowners can have the colors they like best. Some prefer something subtle that completely blends in with the landscaping. They might choose gray, tan and brown. Others want to make a bold statement. They might order hues of violet, red or orange.

Most importantly, the colors should not clash with the home’s exterior but should be complementary. It doesn’t matter whether the pavers are lighter or darker than the exterior. Property owners can get some ideas by looking at photos online if they haven’t already made a decision.

Easy Maintenance

As long as the contractor or the property owners seals the stone, maintenance is easy. Most stains are not difficult to remove with some laundry detergent or dish soap and a soft brush. The soap should be left to stand for about half an hour before attempting to remove the mark. The process might need to be repeated for more stubborn stains.

The exception is tree sap, which requires a different type of cleaning solution. Rubbing alcohol, petroleum-based hand cleansers and water displacement sprays are products that should do the trick.

In general, people can keep the material looking great by simply sweeping or briefly washing it with a garden hose as needed.


Certain types of stone are extremely strong and durable, making them suitable for driveways and private roads on residential property. In fact, correctly installed pavers withstand more than 3 times as much weight as concrete does.

It’s best to select darker colors for this use, since vehicles can leak fluids. Even if the household’s automobiles are newer and in excellent condition, a visitor might arrive in a vehicle that drips a bit of oil or power steering fluid. This is easy to clean up, but nobody might get around to it for a few days. The darker stone hides those marks in the meantime. In contrast, vehicle fluid leaks on concrete or asphalt commonly leave permanent stains.

Concluding Thoughts

Some homeowners like doing all of their landscaping as do-it-yourself projects. Most, however, prefer to hire a professional contractor for the hardscaping. That way, they know the work will be done expertly without errors. The customers can spend this time doing other projects they find to be more fun, such as planting and maintaining their gardens. Their residential lot will be beautiful all around, with the pavers creating effects that can’t be exactly matched anywhere else.


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