Why You Should Get Health Insurance, Especially When Living in a Big City Like New York


If you are one of the approximately 50 million Americans without health insurance, you may be wondering what makes health insurance so important. Young, fit, and healthy people, in particular, are unsure why they should bother with such an expense.

Healthcare can be expensive, so people skip out on it to save money. There are several smart ways to save money and balance your budget, but skipping out on health insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Studies have shown that uninsured people don’t get the same quality of preventive care than those with insurance companies. These people are putting themselves at greater risk of serious financial issues than people who pay for insurance. Here’s the top life insurance companies reviewed to help you figure out the legitimate insurance companies that you can deal with. 

Here’s why you should get NY health insurance.

1. Not Having Insurance Costs More

People cite being unable to afford health insurance as the main reason for not having it. The average cost of health insurance in New York City is $440 per month for individual insurance or $1,100 for a family plan. That is definitely a lot of money, especially in a place with an already high cost of living like New York, but the cost of not having insurance is so much more.

Do you know someone with a heart condition or someone who has had a heart attack? Do you know how much it costs to have open heart surgery to correct the problem? According to Investopedia, the average cost of open-heart surgery is $324,00. You could buy a house – or at least an apartment – with that kind of money.

Let’s break that down a little bit more. Let’s imagine that figure added to your monthly bills. The average repayment for this expense would be over $2,000 per month. That’s just for one procedure. Suddenly the thought of spending $400 per month isn’t so bad. $400 a month is much more affordable than $2,000.

2. Being Uninsured Can Affect Everyone

People without health insurance brokers in NJ are aware of how much it costs to get treatment. One way they get around that is by waiting as long as possible to get the care they need. They wait until the condition is at its very worst and then get care from the emergency room. The problem is that this is going to affect everyone.

Getting emergency care like this costs doctors and facilities a lot of money – money that they often don’t get back because the patient is unable to pay. The only way for them to recoup those losses is to pass them on to other people. One reason that healthcare is so expensive is that hospitals are forced to charge everyone more to cover their losses. If everyone paid their fair share, then prices would go down.  Be sure to check out insurance and estates as well.

Waiting to get treatment is also risky if you have a contagious disease and can pass it on to others. Infectious diseases are a serious issue that puts everyone at risk. If you wait too long to be treated, you can pass your condition on to other people – maybe even someone who isn’t as fit and healthy as you and can’t handle it. It is a risk that you shouldn’t take. If not for yourself, then for the people around you.

3. Preventive Care

Preventive healthcare is necessary because, as the old adage goes, prevention is often better than the cure. People with health insurance use their coverage to get preventive care like annual check-ups and regular diagnostic tests. These tests are crucial for catching medical conditions early. The earlier a medical condition is detected, the earlier – and often cheaper – it can be treated.

People who have health insurance and take advantage of it to get annual check-ups are mentally and physically healthier than those who don’t. This is something to keep in mind if you already have insurance; talk to your provider and healthcare professional about preventive care. You might be missing out on benefits you didn’t even know you had.

4. To Transition to a New Job or College

More people are returning to college in their adult years, long after graduating from high school. They might be looking to improve their education to boost their chances of finding a job, or they are looking to study something new and exciting. Either way, these people should be aware that health insurance has become a prerequisite for many colleges and universities.

Getting NY health insurance could be one of the best things you do for your educational and vocational future. Some schools will even require you to have certain degrees of coverage and individual health insurance benefits before you can attend. Being uninsured is so much of a risk that colleges and universities don’t want to expose students to those without insurance.

5. For Your Own Self-Worth

Think about all of the things that you insure. You pay insurance for your car, your home, and material items that you care about. Why wouldn’t you want to insure yourself and your own health? Why would you decide that you come last in your list of priorities? You get home insurance because you understand how costly home repairs can be. Have you ever taken a minute to think about how expensive fixing you would be if something went wrong? You can get another house if you have to – but you only have one body and one life. The best reason to have insurance is for your self-worth and peace of mind. Take care of yourself by taking out an insurance policy on your health and wellbeing.


There are many good reasons to have health insurance, and no good reasons not to have it. Health insurance protects you and your finances. While the cost of health insurance might seem steep, the financial and physical costs of not having it are so much worse. Learn more about New York health insurance and what options are available for you.

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