Why you should have a university mascot

A mascot can be the heartbeat of a university, bringing the community together and a sense of identity for both students and alumni. No doubt, a mascot can embody the school spirit by providing it in physical form. Predators, such as bears, eagles, and tigers are associated with mascots, but some universities tend to choose some curious critters. 

Remember that mascots at these universities usually represent the spirit of the institution, its history, its physical location, or any other crucial aspect of its life. And, these mascots can range from downright weird to delightful, but they are all unique. This post discusses why you should have a university mascot.

Top reasons for getting a university mascot

It’s worth noting that mascots are usually used to represent sports teams, corporations, small businesses, schools, and many more. School mascots are quite popular, especially for universities and colleges, though you may be wondering whether or not your university needs one. While a custom university mascot is a significant investment, the following are some good reasons why you should get one. 


Your university can have an identity, but most people tend to remember your team name or university’s nickname. This is why your university’s mascot can be important when it comes to creating your school’s identity, making sure that faculty and students identify themselves with the name.

When community members and opponents see your university mascot, they should easily relate it to your school. Regardless of whether you already utilize a digital mascot for print materials and online branding purposes, having a physical mascot can bring to life your school’s identity. 


Mascot characters are usually known for entertaining audiences regardless of age. Therefore, your school mascot can attract the attention of the audience and can bring school assemblies and sports games to a certain level.

You can also incorporate the mascot for your school team with your spirit program so that the character can function as the main cheerleader and even be the face of your university’s spirit efforts. You can rest assured that the students, community, and visitors to your school may look forward to interacting with and seeing your university mascot.

Connection with students

You should also remember that university ascots tend to play a significant role in the spirit department of the school. Your university mascot can offer a standard label for all alumni, students, and faculty, so it can create a sense of belonging. 

If you are looking for a mascot, you can see university mascots here. Your university mascot can unite every person under a single name to make everyone feel included. Aside from this, a mascot can also connect students to the school. Students change and teachers change, but your university mascot will remain the same and you will always remember it.

In conclusion, a mascot can be crucial for engagement both on social media and in person. Engaging faculty, students, and the community with your university is the key to creating a fun and inviting atmosphere at your university.