Wood-look Tile: A Practical Solution to Natural Aesthetic


Since the primitive age, people have extensively used wood materials to build and decorate their homes. And with time, when it became possible to authentically recreate the aesthetic appeal of natural timber with the advancement of porcelain stoneware, it became an instant hit. Also, for professional and engineered timber flooring installation, ensure you hire only the best flooring specialists.

Wood-look tiles are made from a hard, non-porous compact ceramic body with optimum mechanics and aesthetic characteristics and are the new trends for indoor and outdoor floors. In addition, it will mesmerize your eyes with the natural timber texture and tone. But is that everything for most homeowners and designers to opt for tiles that look like wood? Or is it also the craving for authenticity? Let us dig out from the below.

Captivating aesthetics of wood-look tile

Thanks to the modern technology and immense manufacturing advancement of the ceramic industry, it is now possible to manufacture porcelain stoneware tiles- offering the charm of natural timber and combining with the sustainability of porcelain solution. The aesthetic of wooden tiles comes with varied and differentiable options, which recreate a unique look of different woods present in nature.

With a few minutes of research, you will find the porcelain floor tiles that resemble authentic timber texture, such as Oak, Chestnut, and Sessile Oak. Other recreated wooden tiles are French herringbone and Hungarian, which are also very trendy. In addition, some other options that enhance the reproduction of aged wood, and burnt cedar woods, are suitable for the outdoor atmosphere.

The tiles come with different visual textures such as glossy, matt and soft. Therefore, it allows the stoneware tiles with wood effect to give the space an alluring visual appeal with a sensation of intimacy. Besides, you can always choose a variety of patterns and combine them or customize your own from a high-end Italian manufacturer like Refin Ceramics.

The practical advantage of tiles that look like wood

Waterproofing: Since porcelain stoneware tiles are made of a compact body with no porosity, it automatically becomes one of the finest quality waterproof materials. Thus, they absorb low to no water and do not bend easily with any heavy loads.

Natural climate resistance: The high-quality formula of wood-look tiles ensures impeccable resistance against fire, temperature fluctuation, humidity stretches, and discolouration.

Durability: Naturally, wood effect tiles in porcelain stoneware have strong durability and last for long, keeping their appearance intact. The installation process is also effortless as it comes in different sizes depending on the space.

Easy maintenance and hygiene: The no-porosity material of wooden tiles helps maintain and clean them easily. They are flexible to almost every liquid cleaner and can combine with any cleaning tool. They also fight against the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, mould, etc., and keep the atmosphere healthy and environment friendly.

To conclude, no matter which texture or design you choose, wood-look tiles will be bound to give the space an aesthetic expression and unique personality. At the same time, their functionality and easy maintenance will make it a worthwhile investment.

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