Wooden shipping pallet; pros and cons

In this article, you are going to read about the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden shipping pallet. But before then, what is a pallet?  Want click here for the best wooden shipping pallet seller.

A pallet is a flat transport structure, which is used to support and protect goods in a stable position while being lifted with a forklift, a pallet jack, a front loader or other loading trucks and machines. Goods are often placed on a pallet equipped with strapping, stretch wrap and shrink wrap in order to be shipped. Pallets make it easier to move heavy stacks. Loads with pallets under them can be hauled by forklift trucks of different sizes, or even by hand-pumped and hand-drawn pallet jacks.

Apart from the wooden pallet, there are other types of the pallet. These include plastic pallet and metal pallet. Sometimes pallets can be made from recycled materials. And this too is also considered as another type. What then is a wooden pallet?

A wooden pallet is a flat transport structure which is made up of wood. It is used to conserve, store, pack or transport and ship goods from one place to another. Since wood is cheaper than plastic and metal in most parts of the world, a wooden pallet is much commonly used by goods owners.

Wooden pallets are broadly of two types. Even though they can come in all manner of sizes and strength, the stringer and block pallets are the two popularly known types. Stringer pallets are made up of softwoods which could be disposed as trash along with other wrapping elements after use. While a block pallets are made up of hardwood which could be sent back to the owner or sold as used.

Here are five pros and cons of a wooden shipping pallet you may wish to know before choosing the kind of pallet perfect for the shipment of your goods. We also suggest you click the next link so you will find high-quality hardwood pallets.

Advantages of the Wooden Shipping Pallet

1. It is less heavy compared to a metal pallet:

This makes it more advantageous to be used in transportation than the metal pallet.

2. It is less expensive than plastic and metal pallet:

Wood is cheaper than metal and plastic materials. If the goods to be stored, stacked or transported are many, it costs the goods owner much less amount than plastic or metal pallets can cost.

3. It is the most commonly used and easy-to-get type of a pallet:

Although metal and plastic pallets are also used, and can even be the necessary requirement in certain occasions, wooden pallets are much commonly used to support and transport goods. Metalic and plastic materials are used for other more beneficial purposes. This makes it easier to get wooden pallet than the plastic and the metallic ones.

4. It can be used in bulk shipping:

Despite its relatively weaker strength, it could still be used in shipping larger containers. The type suitable for this action is the block pallet.

5. Due to its cheapness, it can be dumped as a trash after use:

After use, goods owner would not left with the burden of returning it to the sender or strain to find buyers. It could be disposed as trash without any financial consequences.

Disadvantages of a Wooden Shipping Pallet

1. Unlike the metal pallet, it can be destroyed by fire.

2. Unlike metal and plastic pallets which can be lifted from all the four sides, the wooden pallet can be lifted from two sides only.

3. Wood pallets can pose serious bio-hazard risks as they are susceptible to bacterial, chemical contamination and insect infections.

4. Wooden pallet is less strong than a metal pallet, thus it can easily be broken by heavier goods.

5. Wooden pallet cannot last longer than a metal or plastic pallets as it can be gnawed by worms.