Working As A Fashion Illustrator In Australia: A Promising Career Option


Expanding career opportunities in Australia have led to a huge network of jobs for millions of working Australians. Professions in the fields of fashion, designing, software, modelling, literature and arts have started to rise, marking the emergence of a new field of career that young adults can aspire towards. Being a fashion illustrator was one such job that was not prevalent before the advent of social media or even the internet. However, fashion illustration has been gaining traction over the past few years with many companies and brands recognising new talents popping up all over the country.

What Does A Fashion Illustrator Do?

Illustrators work closely in the fashion industry and put forward ideas through illustrations, paintings or other types of sketches or drawings, digital or otherwise. Predominantly working in the field of fashion, most of these illustrations will be for magazine covers, brand designers and prominent agencies where their work is used for advertisements in social media or websites and mass prints. Most of the Illustrators work as freelancers in the country with only a notable few holding high-end jobs working for brand managers, designers and other editors.

An illustrator’s time is mostly spent visualizing design models and artistic drawings that can drastically enhance a brand’s image or recognition. They do this by creating pieces of art that are mesmerising or captivating to the viewers and the consumers of the fashion industry. If you have a daughter working excellently as a fashion illustrator, choose some of these perfect gifts for daughter to make her happy and even more motivated.

Eligibility For Careers As An Illustrator

A fashion illustrator is a potent mix between an artist, a fashionista and a computer expert. Add to that a creative mindset with a keen eye for details and artistic designs and that’s it.          However, with qualifications being a designated recognition for individuals in Australia, take a look at what else people would need if they want to make it as an illustrator.

  • A high school degree with a preference for art or other related subjects.
  • An undergraduate degree in fashion designing, illustration or any other equivalent that focuses on fashion and design.
  • Having relevant work experience in a recognised industry can help a lot as formal training matters more in this field. People who had proper training under a supervisor are found to work very well in professional settings for companies and top brands.
  • Since every industry in the country is going digital, it might be beneficial to have some skills in computer use, namely software that deals with drawing, illustration, editing and photoshop.

Industries Where Illustrators Are Highly Demanded:

  • The entertainment sector of Australia is the most demanding industry that hires illustrators to work with their brands and products.
  • Fashion industries aren’t short of demand either and probably the most sought after fields where illustrators work as designers for textiles, jewellery or other accessories. Industries that deal with garments, leather products, apparel and other wearables often recruit illustrators for these purposes.
  • With the industries being digital, social media platforms are also equally important and brands need to project their ideas successfully to millions of online viewers. Illustrators can do just that by incorporating their design skills with the use of design software to bring their ideas to life.
  • Many media groups and companies use Illustrators to work with marketing managers and strategists to make the perfect brand image or product design. Creating the right design is very crucial for a brand to get recognised more efficiently by the public and these companies spare no dime in achieving that. Suffice to say, the right impression matters more for the product before its functionality and utility.

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