Your Grand Trip to the Big Apple: Tips to Consider Before Your Magical Vacation


So, you’re planning the adventure of a lifetime to the Big Apple! Make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible by taking care of items on the list below in good time so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation without any last-minute stress.

Get Your Documentation Up Together

Make sure your passport is valid and up to date as early as you; applying for a new one can take up to six weeks, so it’s vital not to leave checking until the last minute. It’s a great idea to take an additional form of personal ID on your trip, too, such as a driving license. Again, make sure it hasn’t expired.

If you’ve taken out travel insurance, be sure to pack any documentation relating to your policy. Also, check that you’ve got any paperwork (and/or digital copies) relating to your trip, such as flight and hotel reservation documents.

Check Your Cell Phone Plan

As part of your holiday preparations, check your cell phone plan to find out whether you’ll be able to make calls while you’re away without incurring additional charges. You may find that this is a good time to switch packages or even carriers if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Have a look here if you’re wondering what is the best cell phone company – you’ll find information on a range of options, including plans that offer competitive international rates, which could be perfect for your trip.

Think About The Season

Winter in New York can be extremely cold, so be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes if you’re planning to visit between December and March. For many travelers, springtime or September and October are the best times to come to New York, for the pleasant weather and relative lack of crowds, as compared to the summer months or holiday seasons.

The city can get very hot in the summer, so if you’re visiting during this period, don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen; you may want to bring along a small portable fan, too, for extra comfort.

Contact Your Bank And Credit Card Company

Many card issuers or banks impose restrictions on the use of payment cards abroad in a bid to cut fraudulent activity. Let your bank know beforehand that you’re planning to travel to avoid this. It’s also important to contact your credit card issuer to find out whether there are limits on the amount you can spend on or withdraw from your card whilst abroad so that you can prepare accordingly; your issuer may also be prepared to lift the restriction for the duration of your trip.

Other Important Items To Pack

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment in New York City, so taking one along with you is vital. It’s a good idea to take a small supply of dollars in cash, too, to grab a snack at the airport or tip the taxi driver once you arrive at your hotel – around one hundred dollars or so is a good amount to have on hand.

Don’t forget to pack a US travel adapter so that you’ll be able to charge your devices, as well as any medications that you need.

Choose Your Airport

New York City is served by three airports, LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark; the location of your accommodation will likely determine which is the best option for you to fly into. Take some time before your trip, to familiarize yourself with the public transport that will be available from the airport, and to get an idea of how long the trip will take between the airport and your hotel: factoring in traffic congestion is a sensible idea, as NYC is never without it!

Make a Vacation Plan

With so many sights to see and wonderful experiences to enjoy, making a schedule ahead of your holiday is an effective way to fit in everything you want to do and means you can hit the ground running once you arrive!

Take some time to think about the places you want to visit and consult a map of the city to ascertain their proximity to each other so that you can plan each day to the fullest. For inspiration, you may want to look online for some of the most popular sightseeing destinations or research lesser-known, off-the-tourist-trail spots if this is more your thing.

Many resorts, theme parks, or other places offer passes that will give you entrance to a multitude of attractions so that you can access a discount as compared to buying individual tickets.

There are plenty of free places to visit in New York, too, so find out the details of these spots before you fly out, as well as information on any events that are scheduled to be held in the city during your visit that you might want to attend.

And finally – don’t forget to keep your camera charged and to bring along a comfortable pair of trainers: you’re going to really appreciate having both of these things!






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