10 Home Improvement That Adds Curb Appeal And Big ROI


As a homeowner, you might always want to make your home look appealing at all times. However, that desire is easier said than done because most of the home improvement projects are expensive, and it will cost you a lot of money. But making home improvement is essential since it is a good investment in the long run, especially if you have a plan in selling your home in the future. Good thing that there are ways that you can do to beautify your home without needing a large amount of money. In this article, we have listed five simple home improvement tips that can add curb appeal and at the same time add significant value in your home. 

Start Planting Greenery Plants

There’s nothing more effective when it comes to beautifying your home other than using nature. Start planting a sapling now together with greeny plants in both of your lawn and backyard. When it becomes fully grown, it will not only make your house appealing, but it also creates a more refreshing atmosphere around your house. Also, a greener lawn and backyard adds significant value to your home whenever you have plans of selling it in the future.

Hiring a good landscaper would be very costly; that’s why planting sapling and greenery plants yourself is the best choice. However, you must be very careful when doing your gardening. Saplings must be placed on strategic locations since they will eventually grow into a big tree over time, so planting them very near in the house is a bad idea. Furthermore, it is recommended to use plants that require less water or drought capable plants; those types of plants are beneficial since they would cost you less on maintenance. A combination of trees and greenery plants can add impressive curb appeal and significant value to your house. Just make sure to do regular mowing to keep your plants always good looking. 

Invest in Pathways

Another addition that can add curb appeal and value to your home is by installing pathways beginning from the road to your front door. Either you use brick or molded concrete, you are always free to choose a design that suits your taste and personality. 

Revamp Your Backyard

Aside from growing some plants and trees, you can also add a patio, backyard kitchen, firepit, and even some outdoor water features like a fountain, especially if you have a huge backyard. There is nothing more amazing than spending your time with your family and friends on some midcentury sofas in your backyard. Having a patio or firepit, you can always have that time with them, especially after dinner or during weekends. A backyard kitchen, on the other hand, creates more meaningful bonding memories with your loved ones during getting together and fellowship.

Install Window Treatments

Window treatments are good insulators that keep the outdoor heat from entering your home and keep you and your loved one safe from harmful UV rays. It is also a  good investment since it lessens the use of your AC because aside from keeping the heat at bay, it can also keep your house warm during the winter season. For more information about different types of window treatment, look for a store that offers window treatment services near you.  

Moreover, installing window treatments and coverings also brings a lot of benefits aside from giving your living an excellent looking ambiance. Window coverings also provide protection from the heat of sun and privacy outside.

Add Landscape Lightings

Installing landscape lighting will not only make your home noticeable during the night but also adds beauty and elegance. Also, it adds security during the night since potential burglars won’t have enough dark places to hide. Landscape lighting is a fantastic addition to your home since it can dramatically increase the value of your house. Visit https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/104896-a-complete-guide-to-installing-landscape-lighting-in-your-property.html to read a definitive guide on installing landscape lighting on your property. 

Start a Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen revamp doesn’t need to be expensive. Start by repainting old kitchen cabinets, or if you are after real beauty, you can replace them with laminated kitchen cabinet doors to make your kitchen look cleaner and pleasant to the eye. Consider also adding some LED uplighting to create drama effect during the night and start replacing your old sinks.

Update Your Living Room

There are lots of ways to revamp your living room without spending a large amount of cash. A simple upgrade with your carpet together with midcentury sofas can already do the magic. However, it is crucial that you choose your carpet thoroughly, and it should match your wall color and design. If you have a small living room, then selecting a larger rug can help to make your living room look big.

Add some Artwork

Putting pictures on your walls is excellent as it creates a story about your family. However, adding some artwork to compliment your midcentury sofas can beautify your walls significantly as it compliments your pictures perfectly.

Clean Your Ceiling

Before, the popcorn ceiling was a thing and adored by many. However, in this time and age, it is no longer accepted, and it hurts your homes market value. Also, instead of hiring someone to remove and clean your ceiling, consider cleaning it yourself to save some bucks. 

Update Your Bathroom

Simply refinishing your bathroom cabinet can make your bathroom look clean and updated. Consider adding a large mirror to make your bathroom look big. Install a bidet toilet seat to create a hotel look and add LED lights to make it cozy and welcoming.

Takeaway and Credits

Midinmod mid century design furnitures are highly compatible with the new age apartment nomads, loft dwellers, and home-owners alike. The furniture represents a minimalistic, healthy lifestyle which is inspired by mid-century modern furniture, Danish, and Scandinavian designs.

Always remember these simple home improvement tips mentioned above. It will not only make your home beautiful but also it saves you a lot of money since most of them don’t cost much.

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