The History of Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden on a busy day

Madison Square Garden opened its door to the public in 1879. Being located in the heart of NewYork City was one thing, but its entertainment prowess was another. It was named “Coolest Arena” by Rolling Stones and “Venue of the Decade” by Billboard in the United States. Filled with creation and destruction, … Read more

What are the Three Types of Greek Columns?

What are the Three Types of Greek Columns

Greek column is an architectural style developed by the ancient Greek. This style is a significant part of the Greek orders, which mainly refers to Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. As a part of architectural order, columns have distinct features that make them individually unique.  The three types of columns originated in … Read more

Best Action Movies Set in New York City

a picture of Washington Square where the area is being cleaned up before an evening shooting of the film I am Legend. In the background is the house where Will Smith's character Neville lives.

One of the greatest advantages New York City offers to the visionary directors is the endless energy running throughout the city. It is the city that never sleeps – the subways, the dingy hallways, the dimly lighted pathways, and the contrast of posh and quiet neighborhoods present infinite possibilities to shoot an … Read more

Buildings Using Doric Columns in the US

Buildings Using Doric Columns in the US

Doric columns are known to exist during the time of ancient Greek. This architectural marvel became popularized hundreds of years ago because of its design and durability. Interestingly, architects all over the globe still use doric columns in some of the most magnificent buildings in history.  In this article, we will look … Read more

The Interesting History Of Staten Island

The Verrazzano Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn

New York City is famed the world over for many things. From the towering architectural marvels on the island of Manhattan, to the Statue of Liberty standing proud and tall, almost each district of New York City has some fascinating history behind it. And of course, who could ever talk about New … Read more

The Fabulous History of New York City

New York City Skyline

The New York we see today didn’t look the same back then. The city has a fabulous history, and it took centuries to get here where it currently stands. It’s also part of the amazing state of New York as well.  From its discovery to this millennium era, we will take you … Read more

Top Famous Artists from New York

Actor Robert Downey Jr. smiling for the picture

With the most iconic Statue of Liberty and ever-vibrant and full of life Times Square, New York is one of the most populated cities in the United States. New York hosts a massive metropolitan area and population with exemplary cultural diversity and thriving commerce. From sports to education and technology to art … Read more

Architectural Styles That Signify New York’s Beauty

Architectural Styles That Signify New York’s Beauty

New York City’s architecture isn’t all about high rise structures like the Empire State Building. When you examine carefully, there is a history built in each block. The more you wander, the better you will understand how each architectural era graced this city with its best belonging.  In many buildings, history blends … Read more

Top 10 Famous New York City Based Fashion Designers

Tory Burch

Fashion is an ever-changing part of daily life. All past eras can be recognized because of the distinct look people had back then. Clothing and its design has evolved along with mankind, and has almost always taken inspiration from current events and societal norms. As such, fashion designers have always been sought … Read more

History of the Flatiron Building

History of the Flatiron Building

The first and the second decade of the 20th century saw New York flourish like never before. The years of the economic boom left their glorious mark in the city in the form of high-rise buildings adorning the city as far as the sight can reach. Constructed in the same magnificent era … Read more

Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Empire State Building

Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Empire State Building

New York is always an awesome experience, and the Empire State Building is one building you definitely don’t want to miss out on. To help make the most of your experience, we’ll give you plenty of reasons to visit this impressive skyscraper. For those unaware of its location, the Empire State Building … Read more