Why Is Metal So Valuable in Building and Construction?

How is metal used in construction

Metal is one of the most valuable materials used in the building and construction industry. It’s strong and durable which means it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Metal can also be molded into a variety of shapes, making it a versatile material for construction projects. Additionally, metal is fire-resistant, … Read more

Which is the Oldest Zoo in New York City?

child looking at a lion through a glass window

Zoos have existed for thousands of years. According to historical records, wall engravings from Egypt and Mesopotamia show that zoos have been around from at least 2500 BCE.  Elephants, bears, dolphins, bears, giraffes, and birds all make appearances in these sculptures, which document the journeys of the handlers who brought them back.  … Read more

Locations You’ll Recognize from New York Based TV Series

busy streets of New York

New York is a concrete representation of most people’s ambitions, dreams, goals, worries, and fantasies. It’s a lovely and romantic city which can also be genuine and intriguing. It is indeed evidently amusing. At least, plenty of the greatest television shows would make you think so.  In even less than a decade, … Read more

How to Choose Among the Interior Design Schools in New York

woman typing on her laptop

If you’re considering enrolling in interior design colleges, you should first do extensive research about different interior design schools. Formal education has become essential in the interior design field as more states continue to mandate licenses for interior designers, which often consists of a combination of classroom education, relevant experience and expertise, … Read more

Famous People Who Are Part of the History of Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Brooklyn, a borough of New York City, succeeds Manhattan as the second-most densely populated county in the United States.  This borough, located in the southwestern portion of Long Island, New York, had humble beginnings before becoming the home of iconic New York attractions.  But how did Brooklyn’s long and studied history come … Read more

Dating Secrets- Things to Do in New York City

the back of a couple on an evening date, lights

With so much stuff to do in NYC, from amazing new restaurants to lovely parks to world-renowned museums, there’s no excuse to get stuck when it comes to impressing a date. Checking out local attractions, grabbing a drink, or going out to eat are obvious choices, but when things become a bit … Read more

Amazing History of Life in the Hamptons

Aerial view of Shinnecock Bay

The Hamptons is a place in New York that consists of a series of towns, hamlets, and villages located on the east of Long Island. Each town in the Hamptons operates independently — they have a different set of rules for homes, rents, and sometimes even beach tickets. The two towns, Easthampton … Read more

80’s Style Homes In New York

large buildings in New York

People from New York, both new and old, like to reminisce about the 1980s, describing the era as “dark” and “bad times.” It was a distinct era for New York, and most people who survived this era may feel nostalgic when reminiscing this time. The ’80s were indeed a different era. This … Read more

How To Make Your Living Room A Comfortable And Relaxing Space

How To Make Your Living Room A Comfortable And Relaxing Space

This is the place where families come together, to bond over tv shows, movies, books and so much more! This room should be a comfortable environment for everyone in your household. Making the living room into an even cozier space may take a minimal effort on your part, but yields big results! … Read more

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2000s

Open Floor Plans

The 2000s: started with the Y2K hype, the iPod and MP3 revolution, the rise of Hip-hop, the advent of social frenzy, and many other pop trends. The opening decade of the new millennium had its own trove of fads that made it iconic. Despite such, we have to be honest that the … Read more

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2010s

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2010s

Thinking about the 2000s may bring you memories of the Harlem Shake, Vine, and the Flappy Bird. While it may seem fun, the decade saw one of the worst entrances in history, facing the impacts of the Great Recession, Wall Street bailout, and housing crash from the previous decade. Interior designing wasn’t … Read more