10 Reasons Why New York is Better than Houston


When comparing two equally vibrant cities, one must know how to navigate the things that make them unique from one another. However, given how much the two cities are constantly improving, it might prove to be challenging for people who want to make the right choice. Whether it’s the opportunities, the weather, or recreation, you name it; all comes into play when making considerations. In this article, we’ll help you explore certain aspects that set them apart and the reasons why New York is ultimately superior to Houston.

Yellow Taxis driving at night

1. Transportation – Getting around the city will be a ‘cakewalk’ for you since the public transportation is phenomenal. Depending on your destination, you can either get there by foot, a subway, a bus, a ferry service, or a yellow taxi unlike in Houston where you will have to rely on your car since the public transit isn’t that great.

Busy street in Chinatown

2. Variety – When it comes to dining, you will never run out of options as there are numerous distinct restaurants in the city, not to mention Michelin-starred restaurants that make the “Big Apple” outshine Houston in that aspect. What’s more is that many of these restaurants represent different cultures around the world which means you’ll also get the chance to meet a lot of different people, may they be European, African, Latino, or Asian.

Daily scenery in New York

3. Bustling Activity – Not only does the city pride itself on being a cultural center; but it also prides itself on being a bustling metropolis. There are a lot of things happening all around the city 24/7 and you will always see people everywhere doing different kinds of things or gimmicks, especially in Times Square or Central Park. And so if you’re into that fast-paced, always-busy kind of lifestyle, this is the right place for you.

Business Establishments next to each other

4. Convenience – The proximity of shops, restaurants, and hospitals combined with excellent transportation makes life for New Yorkers so much easier. Here, you will never have to worry about reaching your destination in time or going over long distances just to buy amenities as they could be somewhere near you. Depending on your location, you might even be able to reach them on foot.

Yellow taxis in an intersection

5. City Layout – When it comes to city layout, the urban layout of New York stands out over Houston’s since it is much more navigable. Houston, on the other hand, is more spread out and suburban. Their difference is particularly obvious when it comes to the streets. New York streets are interconnected, making them more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. Meanwhile, Houston only has a few interconnected streets which makes it less walkable hence the reason why it is much easier to get around Houston by driving.

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6. Opportunities – There is a reason why the city is considered at the top of the list when it comes to population. There’s a plethora of careers that the “Big Apple” offers when it comes to a lot of different fields such as Finance, Fashion, Academia, Technology, Healthcare, and more. You will notice a large number of young professionals flock here as this is the place where young people pursue their dreams and get them.

World Trade Center memorial

7. Iconic Tourist Attractions – In New York, you’ll find a lot of iconic landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, One World Trade Center, and Brooklyn Bridge which attract a lot of visitors both from the other cities in the United States and abroad. There are also other parts of the city you might want to visit such as Soho, Chinatown, Tribeca, or Little Italy.

Women taking a pic in a nightclub

8. Entertainment – Aside from spectacular theatrical shows like Broadshows which captivate both New Yorkers and visitors alike, New York is also famous for its active nightlife and is home to several famous nightclubs like Marquee, Lavo Nightclub, and Avant Gardner. When it comes to art and history, the Big Apple also showcases a lot of art galleries, music venues, and even world-famous historical museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, and MoMa.

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9. Weather – You get to experience all of the four seasons in New York. You will never have to worry about being too cold or being too hot for a very long time. Plus, some events coincide with each distinct season so whether it’s winter, summer, spring, or fall, your stay in New York will not be boring and will be worth your while.

Giant Christmas ball on display

10. Christmas Activities – Normally, you would expect to see a lot of things going on during the Christmas Season in cities across the United States. Not in Houston, though. The city doesn’t offer Christmas activities. This is another one of those things that make New York surpass Houston as there are a lot of things to look forward to during this time of the year. From Christmas trees and holiday lights to attractions and activities such as ice skating, you name it. Christmas Supermarkets in New York are also what make the celebration of Christmas even more compelling because of their unique colorful decorations and gimmicks that really make you feel the spirit of Christmas.

Other Facts You Need to Know:

  1. In terms of size, Houston comes out on top with its total area of 671.70 square miles compared to New York’s 468.19 square miles
  2. In terms of population, New York gets the top spot with over eight million people compared to Houston’s which is only over two million.
  3. New York has eighteen universities compared to Houston City’s thirteen.
  4. Both Fashion and Art thrive in the two cities although fashion is given more spotlight in New York
  5. The Big Apple has a significantly more international population than Houston
  6. It has more professional teams playing in the “Big Four Leagues” like the New York Mets and New York Yankees for Major League Baseball (MLB), New York Jets and New York Giants for National Football League (NFL), New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets for NBA, and New York Hornets and New York Islanders for National Hockey League (NHL).

In this friendly rivalry between two unique cities, there is no denying that New York comes out on top especially when it comes to convenience, job opportunities, and tourist attractions. Not only is it a world-class metropolis, a cultural melting pot, and a research hub, but it is also a great place where young minds can go creative and wild and where the sky is only the limit in reaching your dreams. Granted, both cities have their pros and cons but that depends entirely on a matter of personal preference. One thing’s for sure though: Only a few cities across the United States and around the world can get close to or surpass the overall quality of life that New York brings to the table for its constituents and visitors.

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