10 Reasons Why New York is Better than Miami


The debate about whether the “Big Apple” or “Magic City” is better than the other has been going on for ages over the Internet. For some, it will be hard to choose as each city offers its own unique features that will make you want to bet for them. However, important factors such as transportation, job opportunities, amenities, and recreation must be taken into consideration when choosing the right city to visit or live in. And so, in this article, we will help you explore the reasons why New York stands out among the rivalry of these two iconic cities:

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1. Opportunities – The city has been known to turn rags into riches, where any dreams are possible given the right amount of work. There are more work/career opportunities in New York City as its economy depends on multiple thriving industries: Finance, Performing Arts, Journalism, Fashion and the list goes on. Also, it has many top-tier universities like the New York University and Columbia University which offer internships and job opportunities, making the city a great launch pad for careers in Academia as well.

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2. Iconic Landmarks & Tourist Spots – If you’re a tourist and looking for some great places to visit, this is the right city to go to. You can marvel at this city’s world-famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, and many more. However, if you want to try something different from the usual tourist destinations, there are also other places that you can try such as the lush greens of Central Park, the Greenwich Village, the Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Tribeca.

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3. Bustling City Life – If you love an urban fast-paced lifestyle, New York is the best place for you. Compared to Miami’s laidback lifestyle; here, it is always busy with businesses and activities 24/7. After all, it didn’t get known as, “the city that never sleeps” for nothing. The nightlife never gets boring either as the city’s always action-packed; there’s always something going on every corner of the city whether it’s day or night!

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4. Transportation – You can get by even without a personal car in New York since the public transportation is great compared to Miami where there is little to no public transport. It is much easier to get around the city by subway or busses and the city also has its ferry service and a fleet of yellow taxis that are at your beck and call.

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5. Variety – It is a melting pot of cultures; there’s no shortage of Asians, Europeans, and Africans in this city at all. Even the five boroughs that comprise New York have their diversity in population which allows you to meet a lot of different people from other countries and get a glimpse of their cultures and even culinary traditions.

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6. City Landscape – New York is famously known for its iconic skyline. The city is dotted with a lot of tall and magnificent skyscrapers, one of which is the One World Trade Center which is considered the tallest skyscraper in the United States as of 2013. Another thing that also makes the city stand out is its incredibly walkable streets. It is pedestrian-friendly; it does have a lot of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and street signs which will make you feel safer.

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7. Weather – Unlike in Miami where you only get to experience two seasons: the hot and wet seasons; in New York, you’ll get the chance to experience four distinct seasons: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September-November) and Winter (December-February) in New York.

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8. Entertainment – You can go to a show on Broadway, visit the Radio Music Hall, or go down to Central Park if you want to unwind from the busy life of the city. You can also witness a lot of spectacular changes and events in the city streets depending on each season. For example, during the fall season, visitors can witness processions, celebrations, and parades such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, New York Marathon, and New York City Village Halloween Parade in the city streets. Meanwhile, if you love history, you will definitely enjoy its many incredible museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, MoMaPS1, and more.

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9. Convenience – The city offers a lot not only in transportation but also in other areas such as food, recreation, healthcare services, and more. Imagine not having to worry about buying things over long distances. The proximity of stores, shops, and hospitals in the city solves that problem for you!

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10. Architecture – Last on the list is the slew of distinct and unique architectural styles that you can find in the city; styles which are influenced by history and cultures, spanning from the most classical styles such as the Colonial and Neo-Colonial Styles, Neo-Classical and Gothic to more modern styles like Art Deco and International Styles.

Other Facts You Need to Know:

  1. In comparison, New York has more than eight million people compared to roughly five hundred thousand in Miami
  2. New York City has a total area of 468.19 square miles while Miami only has 55.27 square miles
  3. Miami only comes second to New York in terms of tourism
  4. The Big Apple has eighteen universities compared to Magic City which only has seventeen
  5. As of late, there’s been an increasing surge in the number of Asians migrating to New York. In Miami, you can mostly find Latinos.
  6. It also hosts the US Open, one of the most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments in Tennis which is annually held in Queens, New York. On the other hand, Miami only hosts the Miami Open, a traditional tennis tournament that is held annually in Florida but is not as prestigious as the one in New York.

To say that New York is just a great place to be in would be an understatement. Take it from the lyrics of Jay-Z’s song, Empire State of Mind where he described the city as a “Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of; with streets that make you feel brand new and lights that inspire you.” It is unique and unparalleled when it comes to a lot of things. Although Miami has its own allures to offer, there are just a lot of “better” things that New York City offers for those newcomers who would want to experience what it’s like to be in the “Big Apple.”

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