11 Fashion Bags and Wallets 2021


Bags are essential to combine the accessories well with each type of outfit that we wear, since for every occasion there is a special bag.

But in addition to this, bags have a season and we must know which bags are for summer and which are for winter. Vibrant colors, special prints, pearls and daisies cannot be missing from your summer bags for this 2021.If we already told you about the trends in sandals for this summer and the best motorcycle jackets that will beat the summer heat, it is time to collect the leading bags for this season.

He loves me, He Loves Me Not

As this year, spring is being somewhat confusing, the daisies will bloom in summer as well. These two bags are the clear example of this. The first is a transparent clutch decorated with daisies and with gold details, the perfect bag for a summer dinner with friends.

In this second proposal, the daisy is also the undisputed protagonist, but this time combined with a beautiful sky-blue tulle. A summery, colorful and very pretty option to carry the perfect bag on hot summer afternoons. A stunning hug ring is also a great addition to your fashion statement and a perfect way of showing how you value others.

Vibrant Colors

If summer is characterized by something, it is for its color, for the happiness of the people and for the brown of our skin. Summer fashion is characterized by its vibrant colors and therefore, eye-catching bags cannot be missing from your summer wardrobe. The first of these proposals is an orange and fuchsia bicolor bag that will make you catch all eyes for its undeniable originality.

The second proposal is a golden jacket, very combinable, that will help you highlight the summer tan. An ideal option to go out for dinner or for any event.

To go to the Beach

For several seasons, Little Istanbul Gifts has introduced baskets to go to the beach in her bag catalog and they presented in market the best Turkish Handbags. Well yes, this is the most beautiful of this season for many reasons. One of them is its spectacular and striking combination of pink and orange colors.

The Most Special

Here are the two most special bags this summer. The first of them has literally stolen our hearts, never better said. The combination of its colors is so beautiful that they combine perfectly with its special shape. A very original bag without a doubt.

The second proposal is the sweetness and the elegance bagged. The combination of pearls, powder pink and gold are the most beautiful thing we have seen in a long time. Ideal with any look and very suitable for all kinds of events, both for a dinner with jeans and for a wedding accompanying a great dress.

Printed with Bows

This bag also has everything you need to become the summer bag, from its color to its shape. The combination of colors seems ideal for a summer bag and the ties that adorn it, very combinable with summer dresses full of flight. A great success to get it to combine with your looks for summer afternoons.

White, the Color of Summer

If there is a main color that is white and this is something that is more than proven. This tone combines well with all summer colors but what is ideal is with our tanned skin, since it makes us show it off even more if possible. Well, this white tote bag is so pretty that you won’t want to stop wearing it all summer.

Shopper Bags with Purse

XL bags are also still in fashion but now they also come with a purse or toiletry bag so you can better organize your things and make them more functional.

Crossbody Bags with Chains

A bag with a chain strap is timeless A fun and original take on a handbag, the chained bag is a tailored accessory that accentuates your outfit, no matter how you wear it.

Barrel Bags

The barrel bag is a kind of cylindrical bag. They mainly stood out in neutrals with leather details that gave them an elegant and timeless atmosphere.

Bag Postman

The shoulder bags type bags simulate a tied small bag; they give an informal but at the same time super chic look.

Suede Wallets

Suede, that soft, fuzzy leather, is a perfect fall material as it exudes warmth and comfort. This material also fits well with the 70s theme of many of the runways. They stand out in earth tones and simple designs.

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