13 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Painting Contractor


Hiring a painting contractor can be an overwhelming experience. It’s important to take your time, do your research and find reliable contractors who will do a quality job that meets your expectations. However, there are some common mistakes made when hiring painters that can lead to poor results and costly repairs down the road.

Here are 13 common mistakes to avoid when hiring a painting:

1. Not checking references:

Before signing contract with a painter, make you check their references first. Ask questions of former clients about their satisfaction with the work performed, how quickly it was done and if they would recommend the same contractor again in the future.

2. Failing to read reviews:

Painting contractors often have online reviews that can give potential customers insight into their services and how satisfied previous customers were with the end result. By taking time to read an unbiased review, you can make an informed decision with confidence.

3. Not getting multiple quotes:

When hiring a painting contractor, it is important to get several estimates so that you can compare pricing and services offered. This will also help ensure you’re not overpaying for the work being done. You can also check out official source for more great options.

4. Not asking about what materials they use:

It is important to ask any potential painters what type of paint and other materials they plan on using for the job. Choosing higher quality paints and primers can lead to better results in the long run that last longer and save money in the future on repairs or repainting.

5. Not signing a contract:

Before any work begins, make sure there is a detailed contract in place that outlines the scope of work to be done, as well as any deposits, payment schedules and warranties.

6. Not understanding warranty details:

It is important to understand all the details related to any warranties offered by a painting contractor before signing the contract. Make sure you understand what types of materials and workmanship are covered under the warranty and what is not.

7. Not setting a timeline:

Setting a timeline for when the job will be completed can help keep your project on track and ensure that it meets your expectations for quality and timeliness.

8. Not selecting colors ahead of time:

Choosing colors for your paint job can take some time and thought process so it’s important to select them ahead of time. This will ensure that all materials are ready when the painting begins and help keep the job on track.

9. Failing to protect furniture:

Before any painting begins, it is important to move or cover any furniture or items that could be damaged during the process. Failure to do so can lead to costly repairs due to damage from paint splatter or spills.

10. Not inspecting surfaces before painting:

Painting surfaces should always be inspected prior to beginning a in order to determine what type of prep work might be needed and if there are any potential issues that need addressed first such as holes, cracks, peeling paint, etc.

11. Not prepping walls properly:

Proper preparation of the walls is essential for a quality paint job. This includes sanding, filling any holes or cracks and applying primer if necessary. Taking shortcuts on prep work can make a big difference in the end results.

12. Not stress testing new colors:

When selecting new colors, it is important to test them in different lighting conditions to ensure they look as expected before committing to the entire project.

13. Hiring inexperienced painters:

Hiring an inexperienced painter can lead to subpar results and costly repairs down the road due to improper techniques used during the job. It’s always best to hire someone with experience who knows how to correctly prepare surfaces and apply paints correctly.


Finding the right painting contractor like Elite Finishing LLC near Westport can be a daunting task, but taking the time to properly research and compare multiple options is worth it in the end. Doing your homework and knowing what to look for will ensure you get a quality job at a fair. Additionally, it’s important to read reviews, ask questions about materials used, sign contracts and follow other best practices when hiring a painting contractor. Taking these steps will help make sure you get great results that last for years to come.

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