3 Home Renovation Tips and Tricks When You Have Kids around the House


Home renovation becomes stressful if you have a family with kids. That is because the site becomes dusty, hazardous, and parents have a tough time cleaning things and organizing stuff after the remodeling project is completed. Then, that does not mean you will not perk up your home. That is why people seek the assistance of professionals providing top-notch home remodeling services to make their property look appealing, who also take the stress away.

According to an article published on https://www.houzz.com, there are many ways to take care of your kids when living through a home remodeling process. One of which is allocating separate entrances for family and workers. Here are the three home renovation tips with kids around the house:

1. Make renovation a fun-filled experience for kids

During the renovation process, let your kids reflect their creativity to make it a fun experience for them. For example, if your kiddo is good at artwork, you can let him do some decoration on his bedroom walls. Make sure the wall art is subtle and not tacky. Avoid using loud colors like crimson red and bright pink.

Your kid can zero in on three wall colors, painting the walls is, of course, the responsibility of the professionals, after all. Your child can also suggest some duvet cover and rug options. Let your kiddo choose his or her favorite colors for a themed bedroom for the next 3-4 years, at least. The experts at home renovations in Staten Island will do the needful to add pizzazz to your kid’s room.

2. Plan long-term, not what your kids need just now

When you are renovating the living spaces for your kiddo, think long-term. Avoid designing anything too small, such as a tiny bed or a built-in desk. Your kids are growing. Therefore, include a moderate-size bed instead of a little one.  You can even consider buying a trampoline for your kids to use outdoors for an even more fun-filled experience.

When you are redoing your child’s bathroom, install a small shower if the bath has a low ceiling. You can try this if your kid’s height is on the shorter side. Grown-up kids cannot use a low-ceiling bathroom with a shower in it. What you can do is add another bathroom in the basement for your adult kid or upgrade your house exterior by seeking help from professionals to install screened porches, decks, or patio. It will not only boost your house’s overall value but it will add a great feature as well whenever you want to relax outside your house.

3. Build a temporary kitchen

When the main kitchen is undergoing renovation, you need to think of a temporary cooking area to prepare meals for you and your kids. If you have an outdoor or garden area, you can toss up delicious meals there. All you need to do is stash a microwave, a stove, a toaster, and things like to prepare easy food that you can heat and serve your kids.

You can use an electric burn burner to boil eggs, prepare soup, or scrambled eggs, which are easy to cook in less time. Prepare oatmeal in your temporary kitchen, which is easy to prepare, when the main kitchen renovation is in progress. Keep the temporary cooking area neat and organized.


Keep these tips in mind when renovating your home, especially if you have kids around. Ensure their safety and cooperate with the renovation professionals for flawless home remodeling.

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