4 Tips for Achieving a Golf Course-Like Lawn in No Time


A perfectly manicured, lush green lawn like you’d see on a golf course can seem out of reach for the average homeowner.

But with a bit of know-how and effort, you can get your grass looking pristine and ready for putting without breaking a sweat.

Follow these four tips, and you’ll be well on your way to having the envy of the neighborhood in no time. or you can see more at the Golf Course Lawn Store.

Mow With a Strategy

One of the biggest factors in getting that flawless, golf-ready sheen is strategic mowing. You want to cut the grass high, around 3-4 inches tall. Any shorter, and you risk stressing the grass. Letting it get too long can allow diseases and weeds to creep in.

Aim to mow once a week during peak growing seasons, adjusting as needed. Keep your mower blade sharp, too, as dull blades can shred grass rather than cut it cleanly.

When mowing, be sure to change direction each time to avoid ruts. And don’t cut off more than a third of the height at once—this shocks the plant. It’s better to mow frequently and just trim a bit off the top.

Add Fertilizer at the Right Times

Fertilizer gives grass the nutrients it needs for lush, vibrant growth. But timing is everything when it comes to fertilizing. Avoid doing it during the heat of summer or when the lawn is dormant. Instead, focus on spring and fall.

In early spring, when the grass starts greening up, give your lawn a feeding to jumpstart growth after winter. Then fertilize again in late fall, just before the season’s final mowing to strengthen it before cold weather sets in.

Choose a balanced fertilizer, and look for natural or organic options if desired. And always follow package directions carefully. With properly timed fertilization, your lawn will spring up green and stay that way.

Water the Grass Deeply

It’s tempting to give your lawn a quick spray with the sprinkler every day. But that leads to shallow roots and dependence on frequent watering. For an enviable golf course look, you need to train your grass to grow deep roots.

The secret is less frequent but deeper watering. Aim to water your lawn just once or twice a week, but water for longer periods to saturate the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches. Use a screwdriver to check moisture levels and adjust your watering time accordingly.

This encourages the roots to grow downwards in search of water. The end result is a more drought-tolerant lawn.

Dethatch and Aerate Yearly

Thatch buildup and soil compaction are enemy number one when it comes to a flawless, golf-worthy lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and roots that accumulate on the soil surface. It blocks water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Compacted soil has poor aeration and drainage.

Combat these problems by dethatching and aerating your lawn once a year. Dethatching removes that unwanted mat so water and nutrients can better penetrate. Aerating—by either manual or machine aerator – punches holes in the soil to alleviate compaction and improve oxygen flow to the roots.

Your grass will look less-than-perfect immediately after but have patience.

Getting a Golf Course Like Lawn is Easy

With the right maintenance and care, you can enjoy a golf course-worthy lawn right in your own backyard. Follow these pro tips as well as tips from experts such as the Golf Course Lawn Store, and you’ll have the greenest grass on the block.

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