5 Signs That You Are Perfectly Ready for an Electric Car Lease


Some drivers still admire electric cars from a distance without any signup plans, while others go and take them. What is the difference between them? In fact, the first finds enough reasons to try why the others don’t feel ready for EVs yet.

Agree, changing a traditional internal combustion engine to a battery (even if it is very, very large) may be challenging. You may have a lot of doubts on its behavior, performance, range, and many other things. Still, don’t feel retarded; there are still more ICE vehicles on our roads, though their number has shown steady decrease within the last 6 years. If you like petrol engines, then let it be. In the end, freedom of choice is a great thing, isn’t it?

However, statistics are inexorable, and electric cars keep fighting over the spoils. According to 2023 data, there are over 11 million EVs in the world now, and their market is evaluated at $250 billion. Moreover, about 6 million electric vehicles have been sold every year since 2020. Their popularity as a leasing object is also optimistic; as Grand Prix Motors, a dealer from New York reports, there was an 18% increase in the number of lessees who want to make their best EV lease deal in 2023.

By the way, leasing is a great thing if you are not sure whether to keep up with the time in terms of EVs or not. If the very idea of driving something like Hyundai Kona Electric makes you feel inner protest, then leave it for a while. However, you may be ready for a new experience without even realizing it! Don’t worry; we are going to tell you about the signs which help you understand that you are more EV-friendly than it seems. So, let’s get it started!

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1. You want to be even more budget-conscious

If we put together all the benefits of electric cars in terms of economy, we have a long list of them. Yes, EVs are cheaper to run! At first, you may get some grants or discounts from the government when leasing this type of vehicle, so you can leave a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket.

Then, you save on petrol which is around 1.5 times more expensive than electric energy. If you drive very often, the economy is impressive, and it is another reason why EVs are stealing the show today.

At last, you can count on many tax preferences. Depending on your location, they may include:

  • A lower or zero road tax.
  • Zero congestion charges.
  • Tax discounts if you take an EV as a company car.

Of course, it may not be so important until you are a lessee. However, you may make up your mind to buy your car back at the end of the leasing period or to purchase a new EV model. Then, the tax credits are the thing to consider.

2. You are keen on drive and want to enjoy impressive performance

Don’t think that electric cars are still small, funny, and ponderous. Still, there are some models like Nissan Leaf, but the number of EV specials which demonstrate striking speed and power is growing rapidly. For example, Audi e-tron accelerates from standstill to 62 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds, while Kia EV6 GT shows breathtaking 3.5 seconds here. Do you know a lot of ICE cars with similar capabilities? Well, there you go!

3. You dream of absolute driving relax

As a rule, there is no gearbox or a clutch in electric vehicles, so many usual driving operations are mostly automatic. It is like a balm on the souls of drivers who are sick and tired of stop-start driving, typical for big cities, as they need to do less to feel comfortable. Moreover, some EVs use regenerative braking, and you can just leave your foot off the accelerator to make your car stop or slow down!

Another tempting point is that electric cars are very, very quiet. Of course, it is not a benefit if you enjoy hearing a motor roar. However, if you would like to get rid of these noises and just listen to tires rustling on tarmac, your favorite music, or even your own thoughts, then an EV is your thing.

4. You are getting more and more eco-friendly

Those who care about the environment regard electric cars as a godsend. If you feel like joining the club, then leasing an EV may become a considerable step to going green. Just imagine; you drive a big, powerful, fast, and beautiful car which produces no emissions at all! Isn’t it worth trying?

5. Safety is a priority when you choose a car

Electric vehicles are new; a greater part of them is about 2-3 years old. So, you get a brand-new model equipped with the latest safety systems and driving assistance options to rely on. Besides, EVs also must pass crash tests, so their safety is officially verified.

If at least three of these points are about you, then you may feel confident about starting your best EV lease deal. The chances that you will be captured with experience are very high in this case. If none of these signs correlate with your thoughts about electric vehicles, then leave it out till the idea comes freely. Believe us, it will happen, as the future belongs to EVs!

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