5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing


Everyone needs a place in their home to relax and unwind, and what better place than the bedroom for this purpose? After all, it seems to be the perfect retreat from the world, built to help you escape your worries and find a moment of peace.

Unfortunately, a bedroom can also cause restlessness rather than relaxation, especially if it’s unkempt and under-furnished. In such a situation, a good night’s rest can be hard to come by.

Sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of healthy well-being. Depriving yourself of sleep can significantly affect your daily life. But more importantly, it can lead to severe health issues regarding mental as well as physical health. So, to help you enjoy a peaceful bedroom, here are five effective ways to make it more relaxing.

Get a comfortable bed

Undoubtedly, the bed is the most essential component of any bedroom and a good night’s rest. An uncomfortable bed can significantly affect sleep quality by causing body pain, stress, and fatigue. So, if you want to make your bedroom more relaxing, start off by making your bed more comfortable. This means getting a bed that fits your body and is comfortable to sleep in.

You also need to find a suitable mattress since that’s what you will be sleeping on – literally. Look for a mattress that can support your body weight properly and align your spine. Consider this Beautyrest Black Mattress at The Mattress Factory and see if it ticks off all the features you want. It has extra layers of memory foam that provide extra back support to your back and comes in various sizes.


A cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind. In fact, according to research, people with cluttered homes tend to have higher cortisol levels in their bodies, which means more stress. A messy bedroom can distract the mind and cause more stress, making it hard to relax.

You can improve the condition of your room and ensure a good night’s sleep by simply purging items that are no longer needed. To do so, you first need to tidy up to get rid of the mess of items around your room. Go through your belongings and inspect them to identify items that classify as clutter. This can be anything from useless furniture to stacks of paper that have accumulated over time. Get rid of such items by selling, donating, or discarding them. Use shelves, baskets, and cabinets to keep your room organized and clutter-free.

Improve the lighting

Lighting is the perfect design element to create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom before you sleep. The best way to achieve the most relaxing lighting is to use natural light. Studies have revealed that daylight exposure increases sleep duration, which indicates better relaxation. Exposure to natural light in the day and dim lighting in the evening regulates the body’s internal clock, allowing it to fall asleep at the right time. So, it’s a good idea to leave the curtains open during the day and close them when you’re ready to sleep.

You can also use LEDs to create the perfect ambiance in your room. These come in various colors and can replicate the warmth of natural light. In fact, you can get a smart LED bulb to control the intensity of the light throughout the day. Even better, smart bulbs allow you to control them right from your smartphone without getting up and ruining your sleep.


Over time, every room can lose its charm and your bedroom is no different. A dull appearance can evoke negative emotions and make it difficult for your mind to relax. Au contraire, a fresh coat of paint, can do wonders for your room’s appearance and allow you to sleep in peace.

But colors can have a different effect. Some colors are considered unsuitable for bedrooms. To create the most relaxing bedroom, choosing soothing colors is essential. It’s a good idea to use neutral colors for this purpose as they suit most surroundings while promoting a sense of comfort and simplicity. Some popular neutral colors include warm white, beige, and gray. In addition to creating a soothing ambiance, these colors also help to make the room appear spacious. This is especially beneficial for smaller rooms that can feel congested. However, if you prefer to go bold instead of staying neutral, you can also use pastel colors such as lavender and peach.

Reduce noise

Even the slightest noise can ruin your peace in the bedroom. So, whether it’s the clock ticking or the soft buzz of an appliance, any noise is enough to disrupt your sleep. It’s crucial to get rid of noise to create a relaxing bedroom.

One of the best ways to do so is by using soundproofing. You can seal window and door gaps, use heavy curtains, and install acoustic wall panels. However, soundproofing is only effective at reducing external noise. It’s equally important to eliminate internal noise generated within your bedroom. For this, you can use earplugs to reduce sounds inside your bedroom.

However, earplugs are not a comfortable solution for many people. So, it’s best to get rid of internal noise by removing it from the source. Electronics such as TVs and smartphones are some of the biggest sources of unwanted noise and distractions in the bedroom. Limit the use of technology while in your bedroom and ensure your phone is kept silent. Instead, use white noise to cover disruptive sounds and create a calming ambiance for sleep or relaxation.


Bedrooms are designated areas for relaxation. However, this doesn’t mean they will always fulfill their purpose effectively. Various disturbances, clutter, and distractions can make it incredibly hard to find peace, even in the bedroom. But this can be quite harmful to your health, considering the effects of sleep deprivation. So, follow the ways mentioned above and make your bedroom more relaxing for a healthier lifestyle.

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