6 of the Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Millennials


As one of the most popular cities in the U.S., Brooklyn is a lively and energetic part of New York City with fun attractions and delicious eateries. There’s something for everyone in Brooklyn, whether you want to find a jazz bar to visit or are looking to shop at small boutiques. That is why people of different age groups from all over the country move to Brooklyn.  For millennials who want to relocate to the area, there are few neighborhoods to consider residing because of the different features and attractions they offer.

1. East Village

Situated near New York University, East Village is a diverse place with a younger crowd. It’s known as having the highest concentration of bars in the city and has a lively social scene for those who want to meet new people and rub shoulders with other locals.

Those who enjoy good tunes can visit the Turn Table Lab, which has a large selection of vinyl records available for those who want to take home a few classic records.

East Village is also a great place to find old school bars and performance spaces. Those who enjoy the nightlife can enjoy living near trendy clubs and bars without walking too far. The urban feel of the location is what attracts a lot of young adults who want to have a fun place to reside.

2. Brooklyn Heights

The trees that line the streets in Brooklyn Heights create a cozy and charming setting that feels like an escape from the busy city. This neighborhood is unique for its cobblestone streets and is a great place to spend time strolling the parks or one of the many public spaces available. It’s the kind of place where if you get locked out of your Brooklyn home, your neighbors will be there to help you.

There are a few hidden gems in Brooklyn Heights that makes it worth residing for millennials who want to stay busy but still feel at home. The New York Transit Museum, the Brooklyn Historical Society, and The Brooklyn Heights Promenade are the top places to explore.

3. Dumbo

Millenials who are looking to work at a tech startup can reside in Dumbo, which is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The spot is unique because it’s located under the Brooklyn Bridge, which creates a picturesque setting for residents to enjoy. 20 percent of people who work here are also in the arts.

It’s also one of the best places in NYC to grab a slice of pizza because it’s where Juiliana’s Pizza is located, which is one of the top pizza spots in the country.

4. Financial District

The Financial District is known as one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City and has a rich history that date back to 1624. The location is known as the hot spot for business and commerce, as well as the New York Stock Exchange. It’s easy to stay busy and find new places to visit. Many people come to the Financial District to see the 9/11 memorial and even walk or drive across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Over 150 restaurants are available in this neighborhood to ensure you have plenty of options with different types of cuisine from different parts of the world. Many people come for the authentic cuisine at Andrienne’sPizzabar and Trinity Place’s bar.

Those who consider themselves to be a young professional can jumpstart their career and network while residing in this neighborhood.

5. Williamsburg

It’s easy to immediately spot hipsters once you arrive in Williamsburg. The spot is a popular place for artists to live and is a place where setting new trends is common because of the different influencers who call the location home.

It’s also become more popular after Apple moved into the neighborhood. One of the main highlights of the neighborhood is the live music that locals can enjoy every night, as well as the bowling alley.

Williamsburg is also a great place to explore during the summer months because of the many outdoor concerts that are hosted throughout the neighborhood. Here, you’ll get the chance to enjoy stunning views of Manhattan and view different types of street art that contribute to the lively and energetic environment.

6. Nolita

The historic architecture in Nolita creates a charming setting to live. The neighborhood is ideal for millennials who like to walk a few blocks from their front door to reach different stores and boutiques. It’s a great place to pick up the latest trends or sip wine at a local restaurant and take in the views. This location is ideal for millennials who want to live in a location that is inspired by Europe.

This area is a great option for those who want to live in a more upscale setting where it’s easy to find designer jewelry shops and designer stores. The trendy restaurants also contribute to the social scene that’s available, which makes it a popular place to meet up with colleagues or other locals. It has a welcoming atmosphere where many of the locals know each other and can be found having a conversation in the middle of the day.

Some people also enjoy living in Nolita because of the outdoor lounging that is offered. The many different art galleries also contribute to the artistic interests of the locals. It’s also a convenient place to live when you want to have proximity to Soho, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side.

Discovering the top neighborhoods in Brooklyn that attract millennials makes it easy to narrow down your top choices when you’re searching for somewhere new to live. Consider your interests and goals to ensure you can relocate to a spot that is accommodating and makes it easy to settle in after you make a big move.

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