6 Tips for Finding the Best Accommodations When Visiting New York City


From seeing the city’s famous sites to engaging with the many businesses located in the different boroughs of the metropolis, people go to New York City for a variety of reasons including visiting movie sets. Whatever their intentions are, however, it’s crucial for travelers to stay in a hotel that offers restful, comfortable, and hygienic accommodations. After all, checking in into a reputable establishment will only serve to elevate anyone’s experience of New York City.

Nevertheless, with so many hotels to choose from, selecting a place to stay in can be challenging. Fortunately, travelers who plan to visit NYC can make their search easier by following these 6 tips when finding the best accommodations in the city. Also, here is an updated list of the best getaway hotels in wildwood

1. Do Some Research

It’s smart to do a bit of research before booking a room. A quick search online will give travelers access to various information regarding a hotel’s history, room rates, available facilities, and unique programs that could entice visitors to check-in. For example, visitors looking for an affordable and clean hotel may stumble upon Westgate’s clean hotel program. This program that’s offered by Westgate is tailored to improve the guests’ health and wellness by applying the latest housekeeping policies, room cleaning procedures, and hospital-grade sanitation methods in every area of the hotel. There are also timeshares that you can purchase in the city. Just make sure to research the company carefully to avoid timeshare resales scams.

2. Choose a Location

It’s important for visitors to stay in a hotel that’s located near the destinations they’re planning to check out. This way, they’ll have a less stressful time traveling from one point of interest to the next, and back to their hotels. Depending on what’s in their itinerary or the experience they want, visitors can choose to find accommodations in the following areas:

  • Chelsea and Greenwich Village: Feature locations and establishments that exude romance and artistry.
  • Lower East Side and Soho: Perfect for travelers looking for New York City’s hidden gems and off-the-beaten spots.
  • Midtown: Excellent choice for travelers visiting New York City for the first time.
  • Upper East Side: Offers an array of luxury shops and world-class museums.
  • Queens:  Ideal for those who are traveling on a budget.

3. Check Out Their Features and Amenities

Aside from being places where travelers can rest after a long day of touring the city, hotels also provide their guests with all kinds of facilities to make their stay more enjoyable and relaxing. Some hotels offer typical amenities like swimming pools, spas, fast internet access, and breakfast buffets while others provide visitors with spacious parking and airport shuttle services.  You can also check out private spaces like party rentals la to make sure you and your friends enjoy it with ease.

There are also a handful of hotels that are known for their unique interior designs, ensuring their guests that they’ll receive a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable New York City experience. Establishments like The Jane, for example, is well-regarded for its vintage style lobby and rooms that transport their visitors into the 1920s the moment they step inside. YOTEL, on the other hand, is inspired by the cool and futuristic elements of Japanese hotels, so guests can anticipate to see high-tech check-in kiosks, motorized beds, and self-service machines during their stay.

4. Read Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great way for travelers to get a sense of what they can expect when they choose to stay in the hotel. Past guests are often honest with their reviews, so if they mention any red flags (e.g. outdated rooms, poor service, and rude staff), than that serves as a signal to other travelers that it’s best to move on to the next hotel. Looking through reviews is also a great way to discover interesting hotel offerings like bike rentals and pet-friendly rooms.

5. Look out for Promos, Deals, and More

Aside from affordable accommodations, NYC hotels also offer a variety of promos and deals that can boost their guest’s hotel experience to the next level. As such, visitors should take advantage of these offerings to make their stay in New York City worth their while.

Tourists who are visiting New York for the very first time can look for hotels that offer itinerary packages to help jumpstart their NYC adventure. These types of promos may include tickets to a nearby event, vouchers to popular eateries, and discounts to well-known attractions. For frequent travelers, they can use a hotel’s loyalty program to get exclusive deals like free room upgrades and free night stays.

6. Book Early

To ensure that NYC visitors get the best hotel accommodations, they need to book their rooms early. Advance bookings are typically cheaper than last minute reservations since the demand for their accommodations isn’t high. Early bookings also give guests a chance to choose their preferred rooms, making it easier for visitors to pick a room with the best view or one that can accommodate a large group of people.

When visiting New York City, travelers always make it a point to check out the best landmarks, attractions, and quintessential spots to make their stay unforgettable. However, if they’ve booked a hotel that isn’t up to their standards, it could affect their whole travel experience. Fortunately, with these 6 tips, people can find the best New York accommodations and enjoy their time in the city.

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