6 Tips To Revamp Your Outdoor Space


Your home’s outdoor space plays a pivotal role in daily life. It’s the place where you can relax, entertain, and make memories with friends and family. However, like any part of your home, your outdoor area needs regular maintenance and upgrades to stay looking its best. Revamping your outdoor space can completely transform it into a functional, inviting area you’ll want to utilize as much as possible.

Making a few simple changes can take your outdoor space from drab to fab. Here are six tips to help you revamp your outdoor living area into a gorgeous, usable oasis:

1. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a dedicated cook, including an outdoor kitchen in your outdoor space is a must. This will completely transform your outdoor area. To make this cooking space functional, consider adding these elements:


Durable and weather-resistant surfaces like stone, stainless steel, tile, and concrete allow ample prep space.


Base cabinets provide enclosed storage for cookware. Up above, install cabinets for spices, utensils, and dishes.


An outdoor sink makes washing up easy. Look for stainless steel sinks made for outdoor use.

Small refrigerator

Keep ingredients chilled and beverages cold. Choose a high-quality cooler or refrigerator made specifically for outdoor use.


The centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen, your grill fits seamlessly into the overall design. When you’re looking to upgrade or purchase the best grilling equipment, BBQ Outfitters is a reliable choice that offers a wide range of quality brands.

Other amenities

Consider adding a wine fridge, ice maker, warming drawer, trash/recycling bins, and more.

2. Create Zones

Dividing your outdoor space into designated zones is one of the most effective ways to revamp the area. Having separate spaces for different functions makes the whole yard feel larger and encourages people to fully utilize every part of it.

When planning your zones, think about how you want to use your outdoor space.

  • Do you love to dine alfresco? Claim an area just for outdoor dining.
  • Do you need a quiet spot to relax with a book? Create a cozy lounging zone.

Other possible zones include spaces for entertaining, gardening, playing games, enjoying a fire pit, etc. The zones you create depend on your needs and preferences.

To define each zone, use strategic furniture placement, flooring, and landscaping. For example, place a bistro set in the dining zone, comfy chairs and side tables in the lounging zone, and pots, tools, and planting beds in the gardening zone. Using different types of flooring like pavers, gravel, tile, or decking also helps distinguish zones. Plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses to create “walls” between spaces.

3. Update Hardscaping

The structural features of your yard, like patios, walkways, and decks, are known as the hardscaping. These “bones” of your outdoor space lay the foundation for the entire area. Cracked, stained, or crumbling hardscaping can make the whole yard look rundown. Replacing or refinishing these features creates an instant facelift.

Take a critical look at all the hardscaping elements and inspect their condition.

  • Check for cracked or uneven pavers, splintering deck boards, peeling paint or stain, and any other signs of wear, and pay special attention to high-traffic areas.
  • For concrete, stone, or brick hardscaping that just needs some TLC, thoroughly clean the surface, then apply a fresh sealant. This protects the materials and keeps them looking new.
  • For wood decking, sand away any splinters, then re-stain or paint. Replace any boards that are too far gone.
  • If hardscaping needs a full replacement, think about updating the materials for a new look. For this, swap out poured concrete for pavers or loose stone and replace wood decking with composite or aluminum boards.

4. Add Soft Touches

While the permanent structures outdoors create the framework, soft touches add personality and visual interest to yard spaces. To add color and style, consider these areas:


Outdoor rugs in colorful patterns or solid hues define seating areas and add coziness. Similarly, weather-resistant pillows and cushions lend comfort and flair to patio furniture. Drape outdoor-safe curtains in bright solids or prints to create intimate spaces and provide shade.

Decorative accents

Wall art, sculptures, banners, wind chimes, and other decorative accessories display personal style. Use objects like lanterns, vases, pots, and planters to add pops of color. Just be sure all soft touches are made of outdoor-safe, weather-resistant materials. Store cushions, pillows, rugs, and curtains indoors when not in use.

5. Plant Flowers & Greenery

Incorporating plants into your outdoor space instantly makes it feel vibrant and alive. Focus greenery areas that breathe fresh life into the yard are:

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Trees

Annuals like petunias, marigolds, and begonias provide profuse color from spring to frost. Perennial flowers come back each year. Evergreen shrubs and trees maintain their foliage year-round. Plants help define zones, provide privacy, and attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.

Be strategic with plant placement. Use taller trees and shrubs to delineate property lines, add privacy, and create “walls” between zones. Plant shorter flowers and greenery in beds, borders, and pots. Choose plant varieties suitable for your climate and sunlight conditions.

Plant Flowers & Greenery

6. Create a Focal Point

Every outdoor space benefits from having a focal point—an area that immediately draws the eye and anchors the overall design. This eye-catching feature makes your yard memorable.

Some options for fabulous focal points include:

  • Water features like ponds, fountains, or cascading water walls
  • Intricate garden beds showcasing colorful blooms
  • A fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea with cozy seating around it
  • An arbor, pergola, or gazebo dressed with lights
  • A dining area with a large table for gathering and entertaining
  • An arrangement of statuary, yard art, and potted plants
  • A set of comfy, oversized patio chairs ideally placed for conversation


Revamping your home’s outdoor living space can completely transform it from drab and underutilized to a gorgeous, functional oasis. By following these tips, you’ll create an inviting, usable area tailored to your needs. Proper zoning, structural upgrades, soft touches, plants, lighting, weather-resistant furniture, a focal point, an updated grill, and personal accents all work together to create your ideal backyard retreat.

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