9 Stoner Clothing Brands for an Elegant and High Look


When you think of weed clothing brands, what comes to mind? Most people picture baggy apparel or brightly colored 60s styles, but stoner fashion has evolved.

There are multiple high-end cannabis-themed clothing lines offering merchandise online. Browse these stores to look your best while rolling a joint or cultivating autoflower seeds.

The stylish items range from hats and socks to hoodies and tank tops. Whatever your preference is, you’re bound to find a fashionable fit.

Are you curious about the current trends in cannabis couture? Keep reading to discover some of the dopest stoner clothes brands.

1. Reefer Boss

A recurring cannabis leaf theme is present in most items from Reefer Boss. The store offers a wide variety, from bikinis and leggings to tank tops and underwear.

Reefer Boss is a one-stop shop for almost all things cannabis. It even stocks footwear, jewelry, and accessories to help complete the stoner look. Each clothing item is tastefully designed and of high quality.

2. Bored Teenager

This stoner clothing brand’s products should please you if you enjoy sporting vibrant hues. Designed by Blake Anderson, a comedian and cannabis connoisseur, Bored Teenager apparel oozes quirky positivity.

Some items have humorous statements, and others display 420 culture more subtly. In keeping with the theme of classic stoner gear, the store uses tie-dying with modern techniques.

3. Sugarhigh Lovestoned

As far as cannabis apparel brands go, Sugarhigh Lovestoned comes highly recommended. The sassy brand affiliates with various fundraisers and empowerment movements, striving to make a positive change.

The printing on the garments is with non-toxic water-based ink, and many feature cheeky phrases. Look no further than this trendy store if you’re searching for a few statement pieces or conversation starter T-shirts.

4. Mowgli Surf

Do you have a bold, loud personality? Mowgli Surf is ideal if you like your garb to match those traits. It’s one of the top cannabis clothing brands that strives to be anything but average.

Instead of being produced abroad, the garment industry in the USA proudly makes the gear, ensuring superior quality. The product line consists of various long and short sleeve T-shirts and iron-on patches.

Send the store a self-addressed envelope with a stamp to receive a few free marijuana-themed stickers.

5. Stonerdays

Stonerdays doesn’t only stock apparel; the store features various other cannabis items for weed-lovers. The clothing range includes hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops, neck gaiters, and joggers.

To complete your ensemble, browse through the headgear section for a selection of snapback, trucker, and other fashionable hats. Stonerdays also offers hemp products for those keen to jump on the trend.

6. Miracle Eye

Miracle Eye has four talented ladies behind the scenes. They sew the clothes at their store and pride themselves on being a hand-made label.

The apparel doesn’t scream weed culture, but the colors and floral patterns pay homage to an era that celebrated the herb. Miracle Eye’s designs are reminiscent of the styles prevalent in the late 60s and early 70s, with eye-catching, statement-making hues.

The brand utilizes vintage deadstock recycled fabric to reduce its carbon footprint. Sustainability and minimizing waste form an integral part of the company’s values.

7. Free & Easy

Free & Easy combines modern clothing with old-school hippie fonts. The store offers T-shirts, hats, and socks in funky patterns, colors, and designs.

Its premium range features sweats and painter’s pants with bold fonts that make you stand out from the crowd. It also supplies tote bags, enamel pins, and fanny packs if you’re looking for ideas to refresh your style.

8. Puffopotamus

Puffopotamus is one of the most fun weed apparel brands. Almost all clothing features a marijuana-toking hippo, which seems like an ideal mascot for chilled vibes.

The store offers T-shirts, hoodies, and hats in simple designs. Products from Puffopotamus suit stoners who like to show off their love of cannabis without overdoing it.

9. Mister Green Life Store

If boldly displaying your 420 affinities isn’t your thing, Mister Green Life Store might be for you. The lifestyle brand supplies hemp shirts, pants, hoodies, and caps with subtle marijuana branding.

Finish off your look by getting some scarves, socks, bags, or sunglasses from the accessories section. The products from this store are modern and stylish for everyday comfort.

Mister Green Life Store

Cannabis Couture Collection

When it comes to weed clothing brands, there are many to choose from. This niche market is rapidly expanding as lawmakers continue relaxing cannabis legislation.

Regardless of your fashion preferences, there’s bound to be a store that stocks the marijuana-themed apparel you love. Whether you want to wear cannabis gear from head to toe or slip on an understated accessory, these top picks have you covered.

Why not browse the various options to find a brand that supplies your style? Alternatively, shake things up and try a new look that boasts your affection for the herb.


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