A beginner’s guide to magic mushroom strains


As most mycologists already know, the world of Magic Mushrooms Canada is vast and diverse. There are over 200 of different species of Psylocybe mushrooms across the globe and each one of them has its own unique features and a wide array of subspecies or strains. Due to its ease of cultivation Psylocybe Cubensis is the most produced and consumed species of psychedelic mushrooms. Although most of the strains have a similar effect, flavour and potency, each one of them has a particular set of characteristics that might be suiting for different situations and circumstances. Here are some of the most popular ones and you can also check out the best-selling lion’s mane powder here.

Golden Teacher

Arguably the most popular strain of them all, Golden Teachers are characterized by having a caramel-colored cap with a triangular bump in the middle. They are known for being a useful starting point for newcomers due to their slightly milder potency. It is believed that they offer a more spiritual and meditative trip, making them a good option for both social recreational use and therapeutic applications.


Due to their idiosyncratic resilience to harsher conditions, B+ mushrooms are quite easy to grow and therefore they are produced in huge volumes worldwide, making them one the best-selling strains. Similar to Golden Teachers, they offer a mild and upbeat journey that is also good for first-time consumers.


First discovered by etnomycologist John W. Allen, this strain of mushrooms is known for its stronger potency and for offering a less cerebral and more corporal sensation during the trip, making them more suitable for consumers who want to get out of their minds for a couple hours and have a more visceral psychedelic experience.


Abundantly grown in many regions across Central and South America. According to historians these mushrooms were used both recreationally and ceremonially by the native civilizations before the European colonization of the continent. The experience is more brain-heavy and less hallucinogenic, providing clarity of mind and a burst of creative energy.


One of the fastest growing strains out there. Discovered in large religious structures known as Khmer Temples around Cambodia. Their potency is quite mellow in body buzz and hallucinations compared to other strains but it does offer an energetic and euphoric experience which could be useful in situations where you need a big burst of energy to complete tedious tasks and household activities.

Penis Envy

One of the most unique an overlooked strains of magic mushrooms. They have a very distinctive phallic shape with a thicker neck and shorter cap. The strain is colloquially known for its notorious strength and rarity. Consumers have reported to having experiences with darker undertones, astoundingly deep introspections and intense hallucinogenic episodes.


The fascinating world of mycology is too broad to cover in one small article. The enormous variety of species and strains added to the restrictions of their study and consumption in most countries makes it very difficult to properly research and study the nuances of each mushroom. Luckily this brief guide will provide you a starting point to proceed with a more thorough exploration by yourself. Happy tripping!



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