A Guide to Hiring Exterminators


When you are having problems with some kind of pest, whether it is cockroaches, bedbugs, mice or something else, the best option for getting rid of them effectively and quickly is using one of the expert exterminators across New York. It can be a bit daunting when it comes to hiring someone though. How do you know if they are legal, whether their methods are effective and so on? Here are the three steps that will take you to an exterminator you can trust.

1) Have an idea of what your problem is

When you know you have a pest problem to the point you are ready to consider an exterminator then you likely have a good idea of what the pest is. One of the things they will ask you is what you are dealing with, where you have seen them and how often. They might also want to talk with you about options for extermination as there are different methods depending on the pest, and even for one pest, there are different methods to handle it depending on your preferences and other things.

When you look at options with various exterminators across New York you should look at those methods as well as make sure they have experience with the pest you need handling. Some pests are more challenging than others. You do not have to show them their nest but some details of where you see them and when, is helpful. Track when and where you see them and the numbers if possible. Any details you can communicate with them will be helpful.

2) Make sure they are licensed

Certain pest control experts need to have licenses to operate, and certain methods require special licenses on top of that. You need to make sure they are professional and licensed to handle your kind of pest, and that the method they want to use is appropriate and that they are allowed to use it. As well as checking their licenses are valid ask them if they are using the right tools, and look them up online to see what other reviews have to say.

3) Ask them the right questions

When you start calling exterminators across New York or where you are, you need to ask more than just their pricing. Check they have worked with that pest before, make sure they can talk about their methods and if their quote is high ask them about it. How long will their approach take and what impact might it have on your property? How long until the pests are completely gone? Do they do follow-up visits? When you have these questions answered you can then compare and choose a favorite.


Hiring a pest control expert is something you will be very happy you did once you find someone you can trust who handles it well. Some people think they can deal with certain pests themselves, but often their methods are ineffective, it is a lot of work, and then they still have to call an exterminator anyway. You might as well get a professional on the job from the start!

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