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10 amazing fitness technology advances in the last decade

As we are reaching the end of one of the strangest years in the world of fitness, we thought we would look back on how much the industry has changed over the last decade.

10 years ago the Apple Watch didn’t exist, neither did Peloton and if you wanted to check your reaction speeds you needed a very good stopwatch.

1. You can have an online personal trainer

10 years ago, we would never have dreamed that we would be able to find personal trainers online. We now pick and choose from the best personal trainers all over the world and we don’t have to be in the same city or even the same country to enjoy their services.

You can have a chat, train together, and have personalized workout plans sent straight to your phone – and pay less than you would with an in-person trainer.

2. Portable Reflex Technology

If you are a functional fitness fanatic and you haven’t tried blazepods reflex lights – what are you doing?

Blazepods are state of the art reflex testing technology that you can program with your phone and they will give you instant feedback. The Blazepods app comes with a range of reflex improve exercises preprogrammed or you can create your own.

3. Classes stream straight to your home

A lot of us haven’t been able to go to a physical gym very much over the last two years. Those of us who love group classes have really felt the loss.

However, thanks to the technology of companies like Peloton and other big fitness companies, you can now do group classes from the comfort of your own home.

Even better, these classes are live and much more personal than a pre-recorded video.

4. Your instructors can see how well you are doing

They are so personal, that the instructor can actually see how everyone in their class is doing. They are able to compliment or encourage people as the class progresses.

You may even get to the point where the instructor recognizes you and your name, and is excited to see you join their class again.

If you have been missing in-person classes, this can offer you all the benefits without the awkwardness of working out in front of other people.

5. Your fitness watches can track your blood pressure

10 years ago, Fitbits and other fitness watches were just pedometers in a fancy casing. However, in 2015, the Apple Watch burst onto the market and forced everyone else to up their game.

Not only do fitness watches track your steps now, but they can also track your heart rate, blood pressure, ECG levels, and much more.

#6 – And come with built-in GPS

7. You can workout with VR

10 years ago the closest thing we had to fitness gaming was Wii Fit. The change in gaming technology has opened up a whole new world of fitness opportunities.

A great example of this is the fitness games that you can get for the Oculus Rift and how you can set up that technology so you have to physically move to make your character move.

8. Instructors are making millions through Youtube classes

Over the last two years, the demand for at-home fitness classes has gone through the roof. While some people have turned to companies like Peloton. Others have turned to Youtube. There are some at-home workout classes that have had nearly 1 billion views in the last two years.

9. Fitness mirrors exist

If you want to feel like you are living in the future then you need to get yourself a fitness mirror.

A fitness mirror usually takes the form of a cabinet that has a mirrored screen on the front. The cabinet comes full of fitness equipment, and you can subscribe to classes that are then displayed on the mirror’s screen.

These are very similar to subscriptions like Peloton but they are not just restricted to cycling classes – they cover everything from HIIT to yoga, and much more.

10. All-in-one machines are actually worth the money now

If you were going to buy an all-in-one weights machine 10 years ago, you would be paying a lot of money for a machine that wouldn’t last a decade. However, things are very different now.

All-in-one machines are now a lot cheaper and more durable. We also know a lot more about how the body works and needs to train now, this is also reflected in how these machines are set up.

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