Aerial Drone Photography for Residential Real Estate


There are two possible methods used for taking photos of various objects: traditional horizontal photography or aerial photography for real estate. Although these methods provide the necessary visual data, they are full of very significant limitations. So, shooting from the ground involves taking pictures only of objects with a vertical length (mountains, high-rise buildings) and is suitable only in urban areas or for mountainous areas. However, this survey is ineffective for obtaining images of ‘empty’ land, where construction is just beginning. Meanwhile, if you want professional aerial photography like these photos, visit the given link.

Who may use aerial drone photography services?

Aerial drone photography services in architecture allows presenting finished buildings and new projects. This is a very effective method for presenting the current state of an object or building to its owner or architect. Aerial photography of real estate objects allows realtors to quickly make a sale and impress the customer or buyer. Make sure to contact PDX Renovations to handle the process of selling your real estate.

Aerial video for real estate may be used by:

  • Construction companies. A video in which a building or a residential complex is erected in just a few minutes will not only be an excellent addition to the portfolio, but also an effective advertisement. In addition, aerial photography for real estate from a drone will make it possible to present the object in the most favorable light to both potential buyers and investors.
  • Real estate agencies. Presentation is of great importance for the successful sale of a property. Unsuccessful photos of a house can scare off a client even at the stage of viewing the ad, without even giving the opportunity to get acquainted with a potential purchase in person. And if an apartment can be easily photographed even with a phone, then it will be more problematic to capture effectively an entire building or a cottage village in a city.

Also, this method is actively used by construction companies as a very effective advertising tool for promoting residential buildings under construction in the modern real estate market.

Advantages of aerial drone photography services

Today’s technology also provides high definition and excellent picture clarity. The dynamics and scope of the service may vary. Drone video of real estate objects has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Geodetic accuracy of the resulting model
  • Efficiency of shooting
  • Informativeness
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Profitability

Such real estate aerial video helps to create full-length films, short videos, topographic plans, unusual photographs, panoramic views. The aerial drone photography rate depends on the timing and complexity of the project.

To carry out these works you can hire a drone photographer. After discussing all the details and filling out the brief list, you get a cost that will not change. At the same time, you pay only for the result, having received all the materials in your hands. Architectural aerial photography allows you to look at terrain views that are inaccessible to the view from the earth’s surface. That is, you can see the nuances and important features that will help in the future. Aerial photography in the field of architecture gives real 3d renderings. The aerial drone photography rate depends on many criteria (area under investigation, type of object, weather conditions, required timing), and is always negotiated individually.

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